10 Meter's, is it worth buying a radio?

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by KB1JFQ, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. AD5KO

    AD5KO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I suppose this could explain why the magnum 257 is on the banned list but the "RadioShack" HTX-10 is not. I hadn't thought about that before.. :confused:

    What gripes me is I can't buy a new HTX-10 anymore and there are no other FCC approved 10 meter all mode mobile radios available.
  2. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Mean while, you can purchase one of these illegal CB radios right here on QRZ. Even though these radios are clearly listed on a number of FCC Citations to various folks around the country. Still, it is allowed.
  3. K9STH

    K9STH Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Several things:

    It is NOT illegal for an amateur radio operator to own and operate, on the amateur radio bands (especially the 10-meter band), any of the so-called "import" radios. It IS illegal to transmit using one of them on any frequency on which certificated units ("certificated" is the new "buzz word" for "type accepted") are required.

    I own 2 each, Uniden HR-2510 transceivers. The first one I bought directly from Uniden before the FCC established the "no no" list. The 2nd was acquired for a "song" because some "freebander" had "golden screwdrivered" the unit. Fortunately, all it took to get the unit operating again was an alignment. One of the units I do use mobile from time to time as well as occasionally from my main operating position. The other HR-2510 is basically used as the i.f. for my 432 MHz transverter. Both units now cover 26.0 MHz to 29.6999 MHz because I sometimes use my first HR-2510 as the i.f. for either my Hallicrafters HA-2 (2-meter) or my HA-6 (6-meter) transverters. It is PERFECTLY legal to use the "out of amateur band" frequencies for the i.f. This is because the transmitter is NOT connected to an antenna.

    In fact, if you look at any of the "modern" transceivers you will see that the i.f. sections are not within the amateur radio bands. Again, this is perfectly legal.

    Although I can, if I want to, transmit outside of the 10-meter band with either HR-2510 I definitely DO NOT! To do so is a direct violation of 47 CFR Part 97, 47 CFR Part 95, and 47 CFR Part 15 (among other FCC regulations depending on the exact frequency chosen). I also have a lot of equipment which has the ability to transmit outside of the amateur radio bands. Again, I do NOT transmit outside of the proper frequencies.

    Glen, K9STH
  4. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    And it is illegal to Import, Market, sell or otherwise transfer ownership, am I correct? And not because of those few of us who would use them legally, but because of the multitudes who would (and do) use them illegally.

    You see them sold illegally here all the time. In fact, I see sellers here that all they do is sell illegal radios. One after another.
    There is one seller here who has posted many of these radios here and they are 95% (Guesstimate) of what he posts. In fact, right this minute he has an ad wanting to trade a legitimate dualband rig for a RCI-2950.
    I would not be surprised if this Ham owns a CB Shop.

    Just like this fine Ham N0PNY:


    There are 3 other hams that work at that shop.

    One of my Elmers told me that Hams were s'posed to be beyond this stuff. There are many hams who use these rigs and real HF Rigs on CB. Too many.
  5. WA4OTD

    WA4OTD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Earlier I was able to work stations one after the other, now I hear nothing. Makes me want to check my antenna but I'm sure it is ok (not a great antenna but good enough)

  6. AD5KO

    AD5KO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I just read the FCC letter to Walcott CB.

    Released: April 7, 2004

    Subsequent violations of the Communications Act and/or of
    the Commission's Rules may subject the violator to
    substantial monetary forfeitures not to exceed $11,000 for
    each such violation
    or each day of a continuing violation,9
    seizure of equipment through in rem forfeiture action, and
    criminal sanctions including imprisonment.10

    Walcott CB currently lists 2 pages of 10 meter radios.

    Something is very wrong with this picture. I suppose it is difficult to outlaw a radio which is capable of being modified to operate on CB channels without also outlawing all kenwood, yeasu and icom HF radios at the same time.



    edit: sorry, it's only one page of radios.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2010
  7. K4KWH

    K4KWH Guest

    I wouldn't want it to be illegal to own a ham radio, but I surely would not object to having to show proof of licensure to purchase one. Seems to me it would solve a few problems. Of course, the outlaw CBers and the shops that sell the "CB-lookalike" 10 meter radios are outlaws themselves, so they wouldn't comply anyway. I don't knowingly sell ham transmitting equipment to anyone what isn't a ham. Outlaw CBers and so-called "freebanders" are not my favorite people anyway.

  8. K9STH

    K9STH Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page


    It is a matter of interpretation as to whether or not an INDIVIDUAL sale of units on the "no no" list is legal. It is illegal to import such units for commercial sale and to sell them commercially.

    If you look at 47 CFR Part 97 Section 97.315 which concerns certification/type acceptance of external r.f. amplifiers you will see that there are specific exemptions for selling equipment that is not certificated/type accepted. You need to look especially at Section 97.315(b)(3), Section 97.314(b)(4), and Section 97.315(b)(5). Those sections concern sale/transfer of non-certificated equipment between licensed amateurs, from a licensed amateur radio operator to an established amateur radio dealer, and from an established amateur dealer to a licensed amateur radio operator. It is my opinion that these same general rules apply to any non-certificated equipment so long as the equipment is kept within the amateur radio community. Where you would run afoul of the regulations is when the equipment is transferred to a non-licensed person.

    Glen, K9STH
  9. AD5KO

    AD5KO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I am grateful to the FCC for trying to protect the bands for us and also for the fact that it is not illegal for us to operate those banned radios, even if they are illegal to sell. And hams should stop attacking hams for using them, if it's ok by the FCC for us to use those radios it should be good enough for them too.

    FCC quote:
    This clarification was added to explicitly foreclose the possibility of certification of dual use CB and amateur radios, see id., and thereby deter use by CB operators of frequencies allocated for amateur radio use.

    It's a disappointing situation.


  10. K4KWH

    K4KWH Guest

    And they should do MORE to stop the use of these pieces of trash by unlicensed people. We, too, should have done more to stop it when we had a real advocate for amateur radio at FCC. He TRIED! We sat on our A##es and griped and blamed HIM, OR argued with him! Now we have a career bureaucrat in that chair who is NOT a ham and cares not if chicken banders filch frequencies. But.................(sigh) we said "it ain't mah job" and sat there grumbling and complaining about what someone WAS doing to stop it. You can't please hams!

    So the truckers continue to buy them thar export reddios and git on them thar extreee channels thar cuz we'uns is now got a "spay'shul" trucker's channel that's jist fer us (thar). No one can mistake the utter contempt I have towards CB outlaws for this. If they'd just STAY where the heck they belong, I wouldn't say a word, but NOOOOOOOOOO! They've got to have theirs and OURS, TOO!:mad:

    The only way its ever going to stop is for us to raise enough H E Double Hockey Sticks as a bloc and cause FCC to sit up and take notice. If no one SAYS anything, they think there's no problem. They'll only respond if WE make enough noise to be heard.

    Meantime, the chicken banders and their "export" reddios and the truckers wid them 'spay'shul' channels (thar) will keep selling and buying illegal reddios, the truckers and "freebanders" will keep "a-tawkin' on them thar spay'shul trucker's channels and their 'hobby" will keep growing and growing until.......................................................

    on 12 meters there's,


    Then 15 Meter. Or 20 meters.

    It WILL come some day. Then what? Cry and complain and whine? :confused:
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