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“Best” Multi-band HF Antenna ?

Discussion in 'Antennas, Feedlines, Towers & Rotors' started by K2POP, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. KB1CKT

    KB1CKT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've been pleased with my Hustler 6BTV. Full band coverage on 30/20/15/10; 40m is barely covering the first 100kHz, and 80m is more of a joke (I forget, 30kHz BW?). But it seems to work well enough on CW, at least it does better on both 30m and on DX than my G5RV at 10' (which was installed at that height out of convience). Since I don't do heights nor towers, and don't want antennas in the trees, it does "well enough" for me, and allows me to work on replacing the G5RV. Which brings me to the point I wanted to make: why not more than one antenna?
  2. EI4GMB

    EI4GMB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi There,

    I think we have reached a stalemate or kind of antenna oxymoron! Hi!Hi! Your vertical is better in 2 of its favored directions than my dipole and my dipole is better in its 2 favored directions than your vertical. The choice between the 2 antennas is now one of direction. You could say we are both right and both wrong!

    Fred EI4GMB
  3. EI4GMB

    EI4GMB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I think my statement is self-explanatory, covers 160m to 10m and is a proven fact. What's the problem?


    Fred EI4GMB
  4. G3TXQ

    G3TXQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    The only way I can get anything close to those numbers is to assume a perfect, zero loss, near-field ground for the vertical!

    What losses did you assume for the ground system?

    Steve G3TXQ
  5. K9STH

    K9STH Ham Member QRZ Page


    The only problem with your argument about dipoles is that, for the vast majority of operators, getting a dipole 1/2 wavelength above ground on 40-meters is very difficult and getting a dipole 1/2 wavelength above ground on 80/75-meters is considerably harder, and getting a dipole for 160-meters a 1/2 wavelength above ground would require lighting to comply with FCC/FAA regulations in the United States and possessions.

    Glen, K9STH
  6. EI4GMB

    EI4GMB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I accept that Glen. Maybe we should start another thread on inverted V dipoles? :)

    Kind Regards

    Fred EI4GMB
  7. N2LK

    N2LK XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    My experience is solely with mutliband HF antenna's and I recommend both of these highly, and equally:

    1. Random dipole as long as you can make it, as high as you can make it. Feed with twinlead or ladder line, to a tuner in your shack. Will work well for overall 40-10 meters if its at least 52 ft. total flat top, and if you can fit more, will work on 80 meters even better. I use a homemade 1:1 or 4:1 current balun (not voltage) and a homebrew T-Tuner...

    2. Ground mounted Hustler BTV vertical. Use 30+ ground radials in your lawn and use this for 80/40/30/20/15/10 meters. Add (2) vertical wires with 6" separators for 12 and 17 will get low enough SWR on all HF bands that you can easily tune out. Great BTV site for research is, good outfit..

    With 100 watts, you will work the world over pretty easily with either. From NJ - VK/ZL/JA/Antartica/EU/AF and thats on 40 and 80 meters, easier on higher bands, cw and digimodes...

    Have fun!!
  8. PA1ZP

    PA1ZP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Richard

    I use a rotary V-dipoel 2 x 7 mtrs on 6-80 mtrs.
    On 80 mtrs a bit of a compromise on 6- 40 mtrs a FB antenna.
    It is open wire fed and works fb with a Cubic ST3B T-tuner here from 6-80 mtrs, or QRO up to 1 KW with homebrew S-match (PA0FRI design) on 10 t/m 80 mtrs

    Feedpoit of V-dipole abt 33 ft and ends on 45 ft high above ground.
    All specs radiation patterns are to be read on this website .
    But sorry article is in my mother language Dutch.

    Pics of antenn also in article.

    Just scroll down a bit to find 2 articles :
    1 of my V-dipole
    1 of my V-dipole compared with a 2 x 20 mtrs non rotatable wire dipole

    All radiation patterns in article for many bands to compare.

    73 Jos V-dipool.jpg
  9. K2POP

    K2POP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you all for your input. I appreciate the information and have learned a lot.

    I don't have room for, or a way to support, an open or closed loop unless it is on the eves of my house. Neither do I have room for a HyTower (unfortunately.) Of other verticals, the Hustler BTV was mentioned often. Dipoles and inverted V's were most often mentioned.

    Is there any more input on hexbeams or cobweb antennas? They sound interesting. Has anyone ever used a ridged dipole, like the Comet H-422 or Force 12 Sigma GT5? How about a vertical like the Comet CHA-250B or a non-resonate vertical like the 43' S9 or DXE-MBVE-1? Back to wire antennas again, how about a: folded dipole, zepp, bazooka, ocf wisdom, Cobra UltraLite, etc.? Are there any portable HF antennas that are in the ballpark with a < 70' inverted V at 30' max height?

    Thanks again for your input,
  10. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    But you had mentioned earlier a 30' pole as a support. Where would you put that? You can make a horizontal triangular loop with one 30' pole and two vertical standoffs on the roof of the house, and just run a 3-sided loop.

    You're all over the map, here, weighing options that are discreet and hidden to ones that are large, obvious and very visible from a long distance. The CHA-250B, for example, might be a good choice but it is strongly recommended to mount it on top of a 30' mast (good suggestion), and everyone who's tried one "down lower" had miserable results with it. If you mount it on a 30' mast, you have a structure that's about 55' tall and can be seen for blocks. Is that okay? The Comet H-422 is exactly what PA1ZP described and pictured in a post above. The Comet is a "knock off" of a better antenna made by Creative Systems (same company who makes the CLP5130 log periodic VHF-UHF antanna), and although they look similar, the Creative one is a better product (I have both of them, and there's no comparison). A 43' vertical, to work, requires a large field of wire radials (so does the Hustler 6BTV) and is extremely visible for a long distance. Is that okay?
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