Сomplex WFF NEW ONEs expedition UE3LFF

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by UA3LAF, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. UA3LAF

    UA3LAF Ham Member QRZ Page

    During the period from August, 21 till August, 23rd will take place complex WFF NEW ONEs expedition UE3LFF. Operators: UA3LAF, RA3AKF, RW3GW/3, RA3GHD/3 and, possible, other hams from UA3L. Expedition will be active on various HF bands, CW/SSB. All logs will be uploaded to WFF LogSearch after the end of trip.
    Operating schedule:
    August, 21 (after 10.00 UT) - August, 22nd (till 11.00 UT) - Natural park "Gagarinsky", RFF-219.
    August, 22 (after 12.00 UT) - August, 23rd (till 12.00 UT) - Natural memorial estate "KHmelita", RFF-220.

    QSL via UA3LAF
  2. WY3X

    WY3X Ham Member QRZ Page


    From acronymfinder.com

    ***** WFF Wallops Flight Facility
    **** WFF With Full Force (German music festival)
    **** WFF Women's Foodservice Forum
    **** WFF Well-Formed Formula
    *** WFF Wee Forest Folk
    *** WFF World Fitness Federation
    *** WFF Wildlife Foundation of Florida
    ** WFF Warm Fuzzy Feeling
    ** WFF Wildland Fire Fighting
    ** WFF Women of Freedom Foundation
    ** WFF Winn Feline Foundation
    ** WFF Waterfowl Festival
    ** WFF Want for Free (classified ads)
    ** WFF World Freedom Foundation
    * WFF Water Front Foot Charge (property tax)
    * WFF Weak Form Formulation
    * WFF Warm Fuzzy File

    Which one is it? Inquiring minds want to know.

    73, -KR4WM, founder, IHAS (I Hate Acroynyms Society)
  3. WJ6R

    WJ6R Ham Member QRZ Page

  4. G8LIY

    G8LIY Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    WFF or WWF ?

    I thought it may have been a typo??

    WWF - World Wildlife Fund :confused:
    WWF - World Wrestling Federation :)

    David - G8LIY
  5. N1KPW

    N1KPW Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    World Flora Fauna

    WORLD-WIDE PROGRAM FOR NATIONAL PARKS AND NATURE RESERVES of Fund World Flora Fauna and International Amateur Radio Travelers Club “Russian Robinson” (RRC).

    Slogan of the Program: “Lets Save the green Planet Earth!”

    WFF is an International Award Program (an International ecologo-edicational and nature conservation action on supporting of protected areas), organized to attract attention of the world community to the problems of protected areas, to provide them with feasible practical support, to waken a feeling of pride in the minds of the Earth’s inhabitants for natural and cultural heritage, for visiting National Parks and Nature Reserves and making QSO contacts with them.

    The Program was launched in 2008 under the auspices of International Foundation World Flora Fauna and RRC. For you to get a WFF Award you need to contact locations possessing an official status of National Parks or Nature Reserves listed in the WFF Program.
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