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02-19-2002, 05:59 PM
My name is Rick Lococo--Call Sign W3dve.

I'm selling my whole ham radio station. Not individual components...I have a Yaesu ft 102 in Excellent Condition. All that's needed is a new Set Finals & some general Tweaking..Along with that is: Ft 101 1200 watt Amp..An Ft 102 Vm External VFO....Ameritron Antenna tuner 10 thru 160 tunable...MD 1 Mic...+ some other #
accessories..This station has not been used in over 6 years, since my divorce. The price I'm asking is $1,450 for Everything! #The ft 102 by itself is bringing well over that figure in may circles. If your familiar with the 102 series, then you know what I mean..My Selling Price is FIRM! Interested party's should contact me at:

Rickw3dve@aol.com #

I live approx 8 miles east of Pittsburgh Pa....

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