View Full Version : Apache ANAN-10 SDR 10 watt tx/rx direct digital up/down conversion

01-13-2013, 04:21 PM

I've been so pleased with the performance of this ANAN-10 SDR tx/rx that I've decided to upgrade to the ANAN-100D.

You can see the relative feature set / specifications and prices in USD from this link.

One thing to note - this is not your typical sound card based SDR. It is a true digital direct up / down conversion with an instantaneous bandwidth of 55MHz which permits multiple receivers to be operational on different bands. It can also be used as a spectrum analyser / VNA with appropriate PC based SW.

Comparing it to my Icom IC-7800 on receive, I'd say it out performs it !

The unit I have is like new and totally unmarked.

I'm asking 1000 cash, no paypal and would prefer collection so that you can see, test and inspect before taking it away.

Buying mine in the UK means you avoid import duty, shipping, and VAT etc which would likely make the retail cost in the UK more like 1300 or higher.

73 Tim


01-14-2013, 10:10 AM
I should have made this a little clearer in the advert.

At this time the ANAN-10 is only for sale within the UK and given current exchange rates and duties etc I've decided to reduce the price to 950 cash.

73 Tim G4WIM KT6UK

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