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01-04-2013, 04:43 PM
I recently acquired an IC-7800. When I first turned it on to play around, I could not get the sub-receiver to work at all. The manual says to simply select the receiver I want to use (MAIN or SUB), and go for it. Not so on this one.

The SUB-receiver does not work on its own without Dual Watch engaged. When Dual Watch is OFF and SUB-receiver selected, I still hear the full audio from the MAIN receiver, and the SUB-receiver's S-meter is inactive and there is absolutely no audio on the SUB (with RF and AF gains fully clockwise). NOTE: Yes...I have minimized the squelch settings on both receivers such that the squelch does not come into play. Also, when I switch the scope to SUB-receiver, it is devoid of activity (even noise floor indications) unless I engage the dual watch mode. Also, the SUB receiver S-meter and the indicators above the S-meter area remain dim at all times unless I engage Dual Watch - and then they illuminate, even when I have selected SUB receiver rather than MAIN. Also, when I switch to SUB receiver, the MAIN tuning dial AND the SUB tuning dial change the receive frequency in the SUB receiver indicator, even though there is no audio, S-meter activity, or scope activity on the SUB side. Then the MAIN receiver keeps emitting audio, but cannot be tuned, since the SUB receiver controls remove that capability.

In other words: I cannot make the SUB receiver work except in dual watch mode, and the controls seem improper. Am I missing something, or is this a malfunction? Icom says it is normal. Frankly, I don't believe that is true. As it is now, this "separate" receiver setup would not seem to be any better than my "two" receivers in Dual Watch on my old IC-781.

Would you IC-7800 owners please tell me the way it is supposed to be with regard to the two separate, stand-alone receivers?

Thanks so much, and Happy New Year!

Steve / K4FU (Ex-N4OK, N9FD, AA9AX)

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