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03-27-2012, 02:10 AM
I'm posting my FT-1000MP for-sale. I'm the original owner of this radio. I went inactive on HF from 2000 to 2009 and had the radio boxed up. I pulled the radio out of storage in April of 2009 and replaced the memory battery and then proceeded to load it up with filters. I did the simple AGC mod pre 2000. I did the key click mod in 2009 with the kit from INRAD (W8JI and W2VJN contribution). I also added the INRAD roofing filter in 2009.

A full list of pictures (that were taken today) can be downloaded here: http://www.nc7j.com/downloads/NG7M/Radios/FT-1000MP/ I have attached a few pictures inline this post below too. I would recommend looking at the link above if you want to see all the filters etc... they shows in detail the radio.

The radio works 100%. I'm not aware of any issues with it. Non-smoking original owner NG7M. The TCXO option is not installed.

Installed filters:

INRAD Roofing Filter ($175 on INRAD's Site)

Main Receiver:
INRAD #701 400 Hz 8215 kHz CW 8-pole crystal filter ($130 on INRAD's Site)
Yaesu XF-114SN 8.215Mhz-2KHZ SSB Narrow Filter Sub Receiver (~$105 today)
Yaesu XF-110CN 250HZ 455KHZ FILTER (~$100 today)
Yaesu XF-110SN 455 kHz. 2.0 kHz (~100 today)

Sub Reciever:
INRAD #721 500 Hz 455 kHz CW 8-pole crystal filter ($170 on INRAD's Site)

~$780.00 of filters installed if you count the Roofing Filter.

I'm sure I could probably make a few extra bucks if I sold the filters separate. Just take a peek of completed listings on eBay if you want to see the premium that these filters are going for.

I do not want to sell the filters separate. I see FT-1000MP's going for around $1000 on eBay that are in excellent condition without filters, I even see a more recent one that went for $1350.00 without all the filters?

So the $64.00 Question? With all the filters etc... I'll let it go for $1500.00 and you pay the shipping and insurance. I guess I'll find out if I'm too high on the price or not.

What I don't have is one of the foam inserts for the original box. So I will need to make sure and double box and pack the radio up very carefully.

I also have a Rigblaster Pro with all the cables for the FT-1000MP. Make me an offer if you want the Rigblaster along with the FT-1000MP. It's a great combination for True FSK RTTY, PSK31 / DVR with your Computer.

Email me at: ng7m@arrl.net or call me at 801 393 9159 in the evenings if you are serious (ask for Max Senior).

Thanks for looking. de NG7M Max


03-31-2012, 12:35 AM
As we head into the weekend, I"ll cover the shipping and insurance to the lower 48 and swing you a sweet deal on the RigBlaster Pro. Anyone interested before I consider posting my FT-1000MP on eBay? de Max NG7M

04-01-2012, 08:31 PM
The FT-1000MP is sold... thanks for looking. de Max NG7M

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