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09-07-2003, 08:32 PM
I live in what I suppose would be called a small-to-medium size metro area. There are two clubs locally, neither of which has enjoyed particularly good membership or participation in recent years.

A couple of us decided to start meeting for supper on meeting nights. Several hams who live in the far-flung suburbs, or even more rural areas – like me, agreed this makes more sense than going home after work and then driving back into town for the meetings. It seems to be working. We’ve increased the crowd at supper – and the meetings each time.

In particular, this has attracted folks who have been hams for a while, who were once active with the clubs, but have been hibernating the last few years.

Local clubs are an important part of amateur radio. They are the incubators that get new hams moving on the right track, the logical providers of licensing and upgrade classes and learning-oriented projects, a resource in resolving technical problems, and much more.

While hams are, by definition, of the ‘rugged individualist’ sort, local clubs offer the much needed fraternization with kindred spirits.

How are the local clubs in your area faring? If things are going great guns, please share the secrets of what makes it so. If your local situation is like ours, what things are you trying to improve the situation?

I’d love to hear any and all ideas.

09-07-2003, 11:49 PM
I was in my High School Radio Club back from 69 to 72. After that I would visit some of the other clubs around Indianapolis in the intervening years, but I never joined them for one reason or another. Most of the clubs I had visited appeared to be mainly social organizations. Many around town where populated primarily with more senior members that didn’t seem very active anymore.

About a year ago I made an effort to find another club. So I joined the HDXCC club in Indianapolis. It stands for Hoosier DX and Contest Club. This club was populated with people near my age group with similar interests. The members are very active hams, so most of the meetings are really fun. Some of the members have been on DXpeditions and many travel to other countries and islands for the major contests. We make it a point to help each other, and the club also sponsors the INQP contest. We also get together for a very serious Field Day effort.

This club has been really great, and you can learn from the members. Our meetings are always held at the same place starting at 7http://www.qrz.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wow.gif0pm, and they are dinner meetings which let out by 10 to 11pm if there is a lot to talk about.

My advice is find a club that shares similar interests with you. That way you will have stuff to talk about. Even with this group it took me several meetings to begin to feel like I fit in. You are correct when you said hams are mainly loners, but given the proper settings we can be pretty talkative.

09-08-2003, 03:30 AM
Most of the clubs in my area are used mostly for RACES/ARES.
And out of those I know of two that have monthly get togethers. The big club in the area is the Dallas amature radio club (DARC) The one I work with (sic) is the Coppell area radio club, I am a member of RACES with them. The coppell club is going to have a code cram class on the weekend of sept 19. It will be a 3 day code class with testing on that sunday, That got a few people interested in the club. This same club meets every saturday morning as well as every wendsday at a local McDonalds for a cup of coffee and is a nice way to meet the folks that gab over the radio.When there is a club meeting they meet that morning for breakfast.
The other club (DARC) every month they meet at a little grill/bar (kids welcome) and they have a door prize.
These are just what I know about,and I think the DARC has a good set up. And the Coppell club are a bunch of good people as well. but over all we also have it would seem more club than members. I hope this will change soon.