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01-18-2011, 10:08 AM
i use hrd on my icom 703(the remote works well on usb(com3)) and i am now trying to get the digital master parameters ok, i can get it connected via hrd, but i cannot automatic transmitt cw (ptt),does anyone know how the settings are for the icom 703 on the digital master specially the cw and ptt settings, i would like to have it working before the uba contest.
sometimes if i click sent i hear the cw but the rig does not transmitt it so there must be a wrong setting.

73 and i hope someone can give me the settings i need
on3gdm geert

01-18-2011, 02:57 PM
You didn't say how you have the audio interfaced from the computer to the radio. This can be a pair of cables from your sound card to the Audio Out and In or something like a SignaLink USB or the like.

For CW there are a couple of options. Something you can build is a cable from the parallel port to the CW Key jack on the rig. I made one from a connector and reed relay with a 5 VDC, 20 MA coil. Wire the coil to pins 2 and 18. The relay contacts to your key jack. In DM780 select Parallel Port for your keying and bit 1.

If you have a sound card interface, use the MCW option. This generates the CW tone in the sound card and transmits it the same as other digital modes - through the mic or audio input. Set your rig to USB regardless of band if you use MCW.

Unless you have a dedicated sound card, you need to turn off Windows Sounds. Otherwise you could end up transmitting the computer sounds as well as your desired signal.