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02-03-2008, 11:31 PM
Greetings! A friend in town became a SK month or so ago. Anyway his XYL called me and I ended up buying his 930. Got some questions about this rig.
1st - Is it really rated at 250 W, I can get about 120 CW into a dummy.
2nd - Been using a Heil HM-10 with my 850, tried it and had to run the proc.
to get any drive.

The rig wasn't used much....but I have the feeling it is not 100%.
Meter voltage shows 28-29 volts give or take. SN#3030something.
Experience tells me something ain't right. Or, am I missing something?

PLease give me the good news first!! HI

Tnx Vance - WAØMNA

02-03-2008, 11:50 PM
Greetings! A friend in town became a SK month or so ago. Anyway his XYL called me and I ended up buying his 930. Got some questions about this rig.
1st - Is it really rated at 250 W, I can get about 120 CW into a dummy.

250 watts INPUT doesn't mean 250 watts OUTPUT. Read the manual again. Specs are input.


02-04-2008, 12:14 AM
1st - Is it really rated at 250 W, I can get about 120 CW into a dummy.(TOPS)

It is running fine. A quick call to Ken, KA0Y -- and you could get it checked out.

As KJ3N stated, sounds like you need a bit more understanding of the specifications you are reading.

BTW, 100 watts power output will be fine with a good antenna from Eastern Iowa. At least you have the room for some nice antennas !


02-04-2008, 06:26 AM
Make that zero watts on 160, 80 and 40. Vance

02-04-2008, 06:37 AM
The TS 930 Kenwood was a great rig in its days.
OF course it is hard to get replacement parts today.
But the main problem that it had was a power supply issue: badly designed PS regulation.
There are a lot of threads and links on thisPS mod:

Read the Eham reviews. they are overall VERY positive about this rig.

Good luck,


02-04-2008, 06:40 AM
I guess my 1st reply wasn't sent...pilot error. I can get 102W on 20 meter CW according to my Wavenode. Nothing on the low bands ( I had originally said one or two watts). Carrier knob has no effect on the low bands. Zip!
Went thru the user manual again just in case. Is the carrier adjustment the only power adjustment the radio has? I read on the ham sites that the 930
had recognized intermittent rf output problems. Anyway, I have had enough radios to know something ain't right! Any suggestions will certainly be appreciated! 73 Vance

02-04-2008, 01:22 PM
I don't believe the carrier adjustment has anything to do with power.

It is a frequency adjustment.

02-04-2008, 10:46 PM
Thanks to those who responded!! I no longer have this radio. Tnx 73 Vance

02-25-2008, 04:27 AM
Bear with a newer general ticket here, or at least new to finally trying out the upgraded privileges...

I could still use some help on mine. I picked one of these TS930-S Kenwoods up from an SK as well. My serial number is in the 6 million range, so it's not an early one. The AT is installed, as well as the optional filters.

I tried using this radio all weekend with a Pacific Antenna PAC-12, with 20, 40 and 80 meter coils. I had zero replies, although the tuner had no problem matching the antenna. I know that using a vertical antenna will pose a problem for close in contacts, but really, I couldn't get anyone to come back. I was able to hear QSOs from George, WA, and CA, as well as a local club working the NC QSO party less than 10 miles from

I don't know if I'm working this rig correctly for SSB. I did the auto tune as directed per the manual, and had the settings all set as the manual said as well. I do not have an inline wattmeter, yet, so I don't know how much I'm putting out. I tried using the processor, but left it off most of the time. I adjusted the MIC gain to keep the needle in the ALC range, as the manual said, as well as trying to tweak it up higher. I just don't understand, and the manual doesn't really say, but am I able to adjust output power in SSB or not? Is it fixed? The mic is a Kenwood MC-80, and I think it's working, because the needle's moving when I speak, and I can activate the VOX when I enable it.

Anyone mind giving me some NON-CW setup help? It seems everyone I've asked so far only used these rigs for CW.


02-25-2008, 12:42 PM
I'd be more than happy to help you with your 930. Short answer to some of your questions, you can email me for detailed replies. My address is good on QRZ.
The output on SSB is not directly controllable with the CAR control like it is on other Kenwood rigs. You can decrease the output somewhat by decreasing the mic gain, but most don't want to decrease the output. My 930 is stingy on audio output with some mics. I've used the MC50, MC60 and a Heil Proset Plus. I use the Proset exclusively after experimenting for one reason only. It works well with everything I've tried it on, and the mic is always the right distance from my lips.
The ALC meter works quite well on my 930, as does the monitor circuit. With headphones on, what I hear in the monitor is dead on what goes over the air. Secondly, I've had best results with properly using the processor. Proper adjustment involves setting the input to no more than 5 db with the meter in comp position, then adjusting the output to just wiggle the needle in ALC position. YMMV. The best thing is to have help tweaking the audio on the air. I'll be glad to do that if we set up a schedule.

02-25-2008, 05:50 PM
Thank you for the info!

So as long as I've got the needle in the ALC range of the meter, during xmit in SSB mode, I should be putting out a useable amount of power, ~100W?

If I recall correctly, I'm at work so I don't have the radio in front of me at the moment, I had the CAR dial somewhere between 1 and 2 indicated for use auto tuning, and I had the MIC dial between the 3 and 4 indicators on the dial. The meter readings were %50 of the scale or less when I spoke, except on louder words or hard consonants.

I'd appreciate the on the air help, but I won't be firing the rig up again until this next weekend (Mar 1-2).

I also think I need to tweak the antenna some more. I don't have the money to buy a fancy analyzer, but I might be able to scrape up enough for an MFJ 207. I'm thinking I can use it rather well if I dial in the freq I want on the receiver, then dial the 207 to get the carrier centered on the receiver channel, then hook up the 207 to the antenna and adjust the antenna for lowest SWR. I'd be happier trusting the AT in the TS930-s if I knew I had the antenna as dialed-in as possible first.


02-25-2008, 10:22 PM
I cannot be sure why you would not have been able to raise a single contact, but I can say with reasonable assurance that if you are getting an SSB output meter reading around 30% of the peak power that you see on CW, your rig should be working perfectly OK.

We have had a rash of threads here on the ZED from people expecting to see as high a meter readings on SSB as they see when they put out a constant CW carrier. This is NOT going to happen on a properly adjusted rig, due to many circumstances, the most likely being that the human voice's average "power" output is usually about 30% what its peak "power" is.

Understand that, and you will be a long ways toward understanding what constitutes a good sounding and highly intelligible signal on the air.

In reality, ANY ALC action is almost TOO MUCH ALC action! ALC is a compression or lowering of the voice peaks by instantaneously lowering the gain of the modulation stages to prevent a transmitter from sending out any distortion and/or spurious products caused by excessive audio signal levels.

A good sounding signal can be turned to mush very easily by simply having an ALC that is working too hard to lower the audio signal back to a proper level.

If you can get someone locally who is familiar with your voice to listen to you, and report back to you what he/she is hearing, it might go a long ways toward solving your difficulty.

Good luck, and keep us informed of your progress. 73, Jim

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