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01-22-2007, 05:28 PM
Dean Spratt (N0HSR) a silent key

Dean Spratt (N0HSR) a silent key

Last Saturday night, Dean went to bed early, complaining of a headache.
On Sunday morning, he was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a
massive stroke in blocking 95% of the main artery to the brain stem.
Over the last week, we believed Dean was going to recover. He was hearing
and understanding people, recognizing his friends and family, and speaking,
although his speech was labored. I'd planned to visit Dean in the hospital
some time this week.

On Friday night, Dean took a turn for the worse and was placed on a
respirator. He lost consciousness and the family met to decide how
aggressive the treatment should be.

On Saturday afternoon at about 2:30 PM, the family had the respirator
removed. Dean died peacefully about half an hour later.

For many years, Dean was recognizable as the voice of traffic on WCCO radio,
heard throughout the Midwest on the clear channel frequency of 830 KHz. In
the late 1990's, Dean moved to Metro Networks as a news writer and announcer.
He also became quite skilled at using Jaws to perform computing tasks both
on, and off, the job.

I'm not sure when Dean received his first amateur radio license, but I
believe he's been a ham for over 30 years. He also spent a great deal of
time producing programming for the W0KIE satellite radio network.

Dean had an avid interest in old-time and new-time radio drama. In 2006, he
had a chance to be in the Colonial Radio Theater On the Air production,
Prouder River.