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  1. Modified Sine Wave
  2. wanted SWR kit
  3. 811A Tubes mounted horizontally
  4. The night the 813 went down in flames
  5. Crystals Needed
  6. RF Amplifier from Guitar Amplifier
  7. WIP: general coverage junk-absorbing CW/AM TX with broadband non-linear amp
  8. Homebrew Tuner Project Advice
  9. Microwave Power Transformer
  11. Substitution for Inductors/Coils
  12. OK, has anybody bought a softrock kit in the last month?
  13. Simplest Homebrew SDR Receiver
  14. Anyone Do Any Business With THIS Outfit?
  15. Building a better spectrum analyzer for radio enthusiasts
  16. Vacuum Cap Ident?
  17. PIC programming
  18. Anyone built the Ten-Tec 1253 Regen Receiver?
  19. Power Supply Option
  20. Code Oscillator Module
  21. Proper filament choke for 160-15 meters
  22. smallwonderlabs toss up which one
  23. Almost ready for smoke test!
  24. Filament Voltage
  25. TT 1340 transceiver: stuck about an inch from the finish line....
  26. Mounting automotive-type fuses in a project box
  27. My OHR-100a Is Done
  28. Resistor wheel
  29. Copper clad & other experement prototype boards
  30. variable capacitor cleaning: dishwasher+oven??? ultrasonic ???
  31. thermostatic chamber for VFO etc.?
  32. HW-7 DC Receiver Oscillator Broadband amp question
  33. software defined radio---Soft66lc2
  34. Ready for Tiny Smoke Test
  35. Budget-Wise DC power buss project
  36. Mag Loop Pwr Supply
  37. Need Help with High Input SWR on Low Pass Filter
  38. making cw iambic keys
  39. Homebrew UHF FM Transceiver
  40. 40 year old "Homebrew" project never finished found for sale
  41. Shielded Coil Help Needed
  42. Cwdaemon - Homebrew project - CW Key Voltage
  43. IK3OIL CW Reader, help!!!
  44. Sdr-Trx
  45. QST Magazin -Homebrew Variable capacitor and a Variable Butterfly Capacitor art
  46. Goldstar FC-2130U frequency counter manual
  47. Morse Keyer HELP!
  48. How to Make New Meter Faces
  49. Can a digital AM/FM stereo receiver be rigged to receive short wave radio?
  50. Transceiver homemade
  51. Looking for info-homebrew variable hv power supply
  52. Help Needed On A Low-Voltage Timer Project
  53. My homebrew HV capacitors
  54. Weaver Modulation.
  55. NEW PROJECT!: RRE Auto SO2R Antenna/PA Switcher
  56. UHF on a VHF Rig
  57. Finally finishing my 20m DSB project!
  58. Mechanically Mounting Anderson Powerpoles
  59. AA3MW Variable Butterfly Capacitor Kit , need help ,please
  60. :confused: Source of CLASSY LOOKING Panel Lamps for project?
  61. VHF communications magazine
  62. My homebrew 2m FM rig
  63. Fox delta VHF & UHF SWR meter
  64. Suggested cure for drift in OHR-100a?
  65. WTD A FEW PICTURES ,Variable Butterfly Capacitor,please
  66. Power Transformer Idea, maybe
  67. Homebbrew Amplifier
  68. Homebrew linear using 715C tetrodes ?
  69. backup power
  70. My Homebrew CW Rig
  71. Linear amp rebuild
  72. Inexpensive meters
  73. Wire #10
  74. Data Mode interface help
  75. switch positive or neg lead?
  76. simple voltage converter for camping lanterns(emergency use)
  78. home brew power supply circuit
  79. www. emergencyradiogokit.com
  80. UAV
  81. 40m DSB Transmitter [Build log]
  82. Homebrew HP-23 using MOT-- Questions?
  83. Best way to cut RadioShack project box plastic?
  84. Tektronix transformer , what projects to sugest ?
  85. Do you think this IC would make a good basis for a 10M beacon?
  86. AA battery pack for ten tec 1300 series
  87. NimbleSig III Dual DDS RF Analyzer - Design Package Download
  88. TOO MANY PROJECTS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  89. Russian Tube Source?
  90. Home Brew projects
  91. broadcast receiver variables in antenna tuners?
  92. thick, bare, threaded Cu wire in power RF circuits - why not?
  93. How bad is PVC coating at HF, really?
  94. YouTube Video of an Enhanced W7ZOI Progressive Receiver
  96. question about 2xEB104 (1200 WATT HF AMPLIFIER)
  97. E-Z FT-243 Crystal Adapter
  98. New linear project
  99. Modify SWR meter
  100. Tube project - under 50$
  101. Rotary swtich specs for a 100W tuner
  102. testing a HV Plate Transformer
  103. My 2 hole 813 project
  104. homebrew ,HV butterfly capacitors
  105. Snap-In Capacitor Board for HV Power Supply
  106. Built A New CW Kit Today!
  107. Easy MCW on FM
  108. Softstart required?
  109. Adding a Backup power source to a 12v Power Supply
  110. VHF power supply
  111. building kits tonight
  112. A HT-powered CW Interface
  113. Automatic Band Decoder BCD-10 Help Installation
  114. anyone maiking circuit boards?
  115. Schematic of GI-7bT 160-meter amplifier
  116. PIC/LCD Ammeter/Voltmeter Question
  117. ssb homebrew 20m
  118. Old-School in appearance, homebrew 20 M SSB Transceiver
  119. Neosid adjustable inductors - where to buy them in the USA? Or anywhere?
  120. Laser engraving/cutting
  121. Another homebrew linear
  122. SWR meter for VHF
  123. Homebrew Challenge 3 10m/6m entry as it sits on the bread-board tonight
  124. SWL PSK-40 Mod for DX PSK Segment (7.035)
  125. help me out looking for some parts -- got some in you parts bin -- trade
  126. How to measure RF phase shift
  127. SDR RX Kits w/ FT-950 and IF2000
  128. FT-ONE in Green LEDs
  129. PI Net question
  130. Anyone try these batteries for radio?
  131. Electronic Keyer
  132. DZ kits? good or bad?
  133. Want Current Solid State Amp Design
  134. am breaktrough in DC receivers
  135. Battery charging circuit with a pb137.
  136. Looking for QRP kit in Central Ohio, ASAP!
  137. My first HF Transmitter (updated)
  138. My 100W Class ''C' Amplifier (updated)
  139. QSK Weekend Project
  140. Homebrew battery retrofit -Questions before I embark on possibly making big fire.
  141. Transformer winding supplies
  142. Single FET HF amplifier questions
  143. Home brew r.f. chokes
  144. Overcurrent/voltage protection circuit
  145. Circuit for Serial Port Keying Two Devices, Advice Requested
  146. Building a RF PA with a pair of 6GV5, any project?
  148. Linear Amp idea - Want feedback
  149. seeking RF power amp design example for Mitsubishi RD0HVF1 mosfet
  150. 555 On Delay circuit
  151. ballancing resisitors in bridge rectifier
  152. ARRL Handbook Audio Intelligibility Enhancer - parts issues
  153. Source for upright trimmer capacitors. Philips / Sprague-Goodman / etc. style
  154. Fun with dual triodes!
  155. 20W 40M CW Transceiver
  156. Problem wtih frequency counter for QRP rig
  157. Can u recommend me a Charge Controllers for my windmill generator,pse?
  158. Great outfit!
  159. Determining relay contact wattage ?
  160. Glass Epoxy Sheets, Dowels and Square Rods.
  161. PFR-3
  162. Where to find slug tuned coil forms for amp?
  163. what is ARRL Keyer Touch Paddle Kit?
  164. COR circuit in ARRL 2001 HB
  165. CW transmiter for 145 and 435 Mhz.
  166. Amplifier with QB3/300 tube
  167. Soldering to an aluminium box
  168. Homebrew windmill generator
  169. Ceramic Cap differences
  170. Home Brew TNC
  171. A Simple Superhet Medium Wave Receiver
  172. Project panel lettering
  173. And YET STILL ANOTHER PROJECT!!! QRP Transciever!
  174. how do I get coax cable to end in two separate wires?
  175. want to build a cw keyer for beacon project will these pic (s) work
  176. PLL 101 & More
  177. Little 811A amp project started
  178. ICOM FL-30 Question
  179. WBR regenerative receiver mods help
  180. A few questions about building a simple HT CW keyer.
  181. Little "fire-wire" type connector for Nikon D-80 camera
  182. OHR DD-1 Frequency Counter
  183. Headphone out to automatic keyer?
  184. A homebrew RF Ammeter
  185. Resistance bridge
  186. Small power, Class "A" amplifier using RF power mosfet?
  187. Looking for simple VHF amplifier design
  188. Pre amplifier for 29 Mhz.
  189. binocular core winding ???
  190. CW adapter
  191. Using VFO (LTC1799) as main frequency source for homebrew HF antenna analyser?
  192. A Question For You RF Gurus
  193. Source for the Chinese Made Kits?
  194. 6 Meter CW Transmitter QRP
  195. A Ham Radio power Supply
  196. Magnet activated switch?
  197. update on Homebrew Challenge 3 radio: RX audio, TX audio, side tone osc, & PTT done
  198. Is it possible to avoid additional broadband coupler for PA on paralel stages?
  199. Fun-Ceiver and Fun-Mitter Articles
  200. 100 watt HF power amplifier using an LDMOS transistor BLF647
  201. SDR kits available?
  202. Anybody built the Small Wonder Labs Retro 40 or 75 transceivers AM?
  203. 160-meter transverter
  204. 24 hour clock?
  205. Hand seamer
  206. DIY source in Spokane, Wa.?
  207. 3 LED rotor light bar, home brew
  208. General purpose HV p/s for future CW rig
  209. Question about zener diode in rf/af signal generator
  210. Elecaft T1 tuner kit
  211. dummy load
  212. Many transformers is series
  213. new homebrew grounded grid amp has very high grid current
  214. Radio Shack thumbs down again!
  215. Simple, cheap, material for shielding
  216. ARRL Homebrew 3 challenge 10/6m radio update: re-using an old Nemes Clarke chassis
  217. Cheap Energy Efficient Switch-Mode 100W General HF Coverage Diathermic Cat Heater
  218. NV7E Tayloe SWR Bridge/Indicator - Hendricks QRP Kit
  219. Please help me understand the L-Match Network
  220. Looking to build 75 meter ssb tranciever . Need ideas
  221. How to read frequencies on Yaesu FT7800 ? "Front Panel"-Interfacing
  222. Advice for 4-1000 Grounded Grid Linear
  223. How to select binocular core, according to desired power ratio?
  224. Coaxial tuned input coil for 572B amplifier, Any one try it or ideas please?
  225. Communications Concepts (CCI) Low-Pass Filters performance enhancement
  226. Transverter building!
  227. ZM-2 or BLT+ ?
  228. QRP Kit: SW40 vs Rockmite 40
  229. Soldering equipment
  230. Front panel of 10m & 6m SSB/CW transceiver for the ARRL Homebrew 3 Challenge
  231. ARRL Homebrew 3 challenge update: All modules & boards mounted inside chassis
  232. Home Made Dual Band (2 Meter/70 cm) Solid Aluminum J-Pole
  233. ARRL Homebrew Challenge 3 radio: wiring it together
  234. Arduino Screwdriver antenna controller
  235. Peak reading kit for wattmeter
  236. DDS VFO
  237. Homebrew ANTENNA TUNER
  238. RF generator with ripple counter dividers. Which IC?
  239. 1/2" Metal Punch for Radio Labels
  240. ATX Power Supply Conversion Question
  241. Remote antenna switch
  242. Homebrew receiver attenuators
  243. homebrew single transistor regen (with a stupid resonance question)
  244. DIY digital controller for your azimuthal rotor
  245. KD1JV Tenna Dipper Deluxe Modifications
  246. KENWOOD 6pin mini DATA port questions
  247. Ferrite sources ans specifications
  248. http://www.genesisradio.com.au/
  249. Ignorance is bliss???
  250. Homebrew Antenna tuner for QRP
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