If someone is looking for the ultimate DX or contest radio, I have one for sale. I have a Yaesu FT1000D serial number 3E310054, and it has all the optional filters except the 600hz subreceiver filter installed, as well as the TXCO, and the bandpass option so you can to true dual receive on it. Has the power cord, hand mic, a Heil hand mic, and the instruction manual with it. It also comes with the Yaesu SP5 external speaker which matches the radio. Very good condition with a couple of scratches on the case. This rig was purchased used from Associated Radio about 2 years ago, so it has been recently checked out by a service center. Check the reviews on this one-it is still considered the premier contest radio.

I am asking $1900 for this package, plus shipping.

Please respond by email to johngeig@yahoo.com

73s John NE0P