SCS PTC-IIex RADIO MODEM with Pactor III License - $899.00

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I am the original owner of this modem. It was lightly used in my shack, never mobile. It is in excellent physical and operating condition.
Included is the original shipping container, operating manual, software CD, audio cable for the Icom 706/MKII/MKIIG or 718, finished cable for the Icom 756ProII, and torroid kit.

US Sales only. Being sold as-is
Includes shipping CON-US 48

N1HUI@arrl dot net

Send wireless e-mail, transfer files, use real-time data links, and access weather information.
The PTC-IIex modem from Special Communications Systems (SCS) of Germany is an
affordable PTC data interface or terminal node connector (TNC) between your PC and HF, VHF,
or UHF radio. SCS developed PACTOR I, II, and III protocols and the PTC-IIex is fully capable
of using all of the robust PACTOR modes.
The PTC-IIex is capable of maintaining reliable data links in adverse conditions with radio
signals that are inaudible over distances of 6,000 miles (9,656 km) or more. The PTC-IIex has
the same performance and most of the features of the PTC-IIpro with the exception of direct
modem to radio control and multiple ports. The PTC-IIex is fully compatible with the new
PACTOR III mode for data rates as high as 4800 baud (with optional firmware upgrade).
Powered by a 32-bit Motorola 68360 RISC Central Processing Unit (CPU) and 56303 Digital
Signal Processor (DSP). The PTC-IIex is the latest technology for high speed HF radio digital
data transfers. Packet radio operation for VHF and UHF radio are capable of 19.2K baud rates
is built-in with no additional hardware required.
This unit is compatible with radios from manufacturers such as ICOM, Yaesu, Furuno,
Kenwood, SGC, etc. that have a transceiver switching time of 20 ms and adequate cooling for
sustained high power operation. The PTC-IIex is compatible with commercial service networks
such as Sailmail ( as well as the international network of free Winlink
( amateur (ham) radio operators (MBOs) that support PACTOR modes.
Compatible with Microsoft operating systems 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, & Windows® 7.
Dimensions: 1 11/16 x 4 7/8 x 7 3/16 inches (43 x 126 x 183 mm)
Weight: 19.5 ounces (550g)
Voltage: 12 VDC nominal, 20 VDC max
Power: 3 watts average (200 mA at 13.8 VDC)
PC Interface: RS232 / DB-9 serial port, AT type
Audio out: 5 to 3000Mv P-P, 1k ohms impedance
Memory: 2 MB CMOS with battery backup
Operating Temp: 14 to 122 degrees F (-10 to 50 degrees C)