Brand new VHF / UHF antennas for sale.

Decibel Products DB-702 2 meter 3 dB gain mobile antenna (covers 138 - 174 MHz). #Still in factory sealed tube. #$50 plus $15 shipping CONUS.

Decibel Products DB-705 440 MHz 5 dB gain mobile antenna (commercial 450 - 470 MHz antenna that just happens to make it down to 440 MHz without any problems&#33. #Still in factory sealed tube. #$50 plus $10 shipping CONUS.

Antenna Specialists ASP-358 2 meter 3 dB gain mobile or omni-directional base station antenna (covers 144 - 174 MHz). #This antenna has a chrome-plated mast with quarter-wave coaxial "skirt" (the skirt is adjustable to "tune" to the desired frequency). #On top of this is a 3 dB gain mobile type of antenna. #This type of antenna can be used on vehicles with fiberglass bodies (i.e. motor homes) as well as "normal" metal vehicles. #However, due to the length of the antenna, etc., when used as a mobile antenna it should be used with either a chain type bumper mount or one of the "old fashioned" very heavy spring mounts (bumper mount is better&#33. #For base station operation the built-in mast can be attached to a tower, other mast, etc. by use of stainless steel "hose" clamps, or, by conduit clamps, etc. to a wooden support (i.e. side of a building). #The antenna is over 7 feet long when assembled. #The antenna has about 15 feet of "low loss" coax cable permanently attached. #If you need a longer run, it is easy to attach additional 50 ohm coax by using a "barrel", etc. # #Brand new, in factory box. #However, the box has been opened for inspection. #With instruction sheets, etc. # $85 plus $15 shipping CONUS.

Glen, K9STH