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And what political lobbying has the ARRL done? Please do be aware that advocacy and issue lobbying is DISTINCT from political lobbying (e.g., lobbying for a particular political party or a candidate ). This is why organizations like NARAL, NRA, and others are indeed certified 501(c)(3) entities.

I agree 100% with you on this issue here NN3W. I wish the ARRL would be able to do more lobbying to help AR with Capitol Hill when drafting laws that could effect the hobby. The IRS put strict limitations on what these type of non profits do. So that has to be the benchmark used by these groups.

Non profit companies have no one really to answer if they don't want to (except the State's AG) in the course of their action. With a for profit company, if the company loses money or executes poorly in it's job performance it's the shareholders and investors who loses money. With non profits this check and balance system is not in place.

The main reason I posted that .pdf file was to show what guidelines should be used concerning the proper course of business practices a non profit should adhere to. These benchmarks come from folks who are experts in their field and IMO weren't having delusional thought processes when formulating that .pdf document. It seems from the document non profits are responsible for how they spend their money. With Fraternal org.s, such as the ARRL, that uses membership money to fuel their vehicle, the value placed on financial responsibility is even greater for these types of non profit groups, according to the AG's office.

Since I have floated this idea, here in the Zed think tank, it looks like my inquiries on the LOTW system will be met with much resistance from the ARRL. My intentions from the start in this project, was to get the ARRL's POV on the LOTW project and how in the course of its every day business matters it follows the guidelines put forth in that .pdf file. IMO, the ARRL's handling of the LOTW project is a misguided use of member's money and a continuing error in judgment by the ARRL for 7+ years now. We can see by the guidelines put forth by experts in this field, 3 bids and proposals should have been used by the ARRL's BOD for the LOTW (or any) of the Leagues projects. A intense discussion should have followed in a Club meeting with the meeting's minutes recorded for all to see. Performance and cost factors should have been weighed along with long term considerations for the DB. The League should also have records of it's original solicitation of bids for all club business also. It will be interesting to see the technical discussion of the LOTW project conducted by the BOD of the ARRL when choosing this LOTW guy over the other 2 proposals.

Another interesting factoid contained in that .pdf file is that only 10% of fraud committed in non profits is found in routine yearly audits. These yearly audits should be done with different outside vendors on a yearly rotational basis, according to the legal eagles, so things can be verified by many different eyes annually. Specific fraud audits should be conducted also by these different accounting companies every year. Continuing the solicitation of bid proposals for all club business should be done every 3 to 4 years also, according to the mouth pieces. In this way, the club can garner the best bang for the buck when using club money for any of it's projects. I will also inquire about this also.

It has always been my intention to get the ARRL's POV on this matter. I will send the ARRL's BOD directors a letter along with a USPS MO for $100.00 for use to pay for any labor and material costs only, not a donation to the club, that is used in replying to the questions that I will pose in my letter. I don't expect the League to spend member's money and other resources addressing my concerns in this matter. From talking to experts in this field 14 days looks like a good time frame to get a reply from the ARRL BODs, in their opinion.

It seems lots of folks are worried about how I spend my money. Please take these energies and thoughts, if you are a member of the ARRL and put them towards the folks (ARRL BOD) who are actually spending "your" money, paid in membership dues/LOTW award credits.