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to QRZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by N6MEJ View Post

    Keep at it and ignore the QRM like previously posted. There are many here that are interested in the subject and want to help. QRZ would have missed out on a great opportunity to come to the aid of a fellow ham had you not posted. I am glad you did and hope you will again.

    Just adjust your filters and keep on posting.

    Thanks again for the opportunity


    Please keep posting. I'm interested.

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    From W7DKR, Orem Utah.

    I also have heard activity on freq but could not hear CW and only have Digi Pan so can' give you any better info.
    I did try and down load tracking but was no go.
    This is very cool and I will keep listening, and good luck on finding it.


    Dave W7DKR

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    We are working on "EarthBreeze III" so anyone interested in joining in on the fun, drop me line. As you know you do not have to be local to join in.


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    count me in.

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    Nov 2003
    Macomb, IL


    Quote Originally Posted by WB9SBD View Post
    Funny thing is? When I was saying to the rest of the team about making this posting here. I was amazed that most saying don't do it. The bullies run rampant on the QRZed boards and you will get noting good from making a posting there. I was amazed at that, but i did anyway, and have learned a lesson.
    Hey Joe,
    Ignore the meanies. They can't help themselves. Mom locked them in a closet or something.

    Been listening to 10.145 since last night.
    Macomb, IL

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    anybody know if the balloon was located? the website given make it look like its home.

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    Is it possible to put in more test equipment, like radiation meter and or sonic ear tuned to insect sounds that we cant hear with human ears ? or even sub audible sounds up there ? or earth sounds we may not know about yet.
    just daydreaming. 73's oh hand warmers for radio heat.

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    Dec 2006
    EN84ac, 1362 Bishop Rd. 48659


    WB9SBD, Forget the naysayers they seem to come out of the woodwork whenever.

    I have a question about heat, could a small pilot light sized alcohol lamp be used to add heat that size flame is close to a 60 watt bulb in heat output.

    On the heat topic (Hot Air Ballon) Charcoal Fuel in metal tube lit at the top.

    Do you and/or your ballon group have access to a Vacuum Chamber to test equipment in?

    I know that you are trying in the 30 meter band but at that altitude VHF (think Tiny Trak) might have a footprint as big as the ISS.

    Good Luck, I hope to catch a signal at my QTH.
    ;) From The QTH of The Extra Light (KC8YHW) ;)

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    May 2010
    Yarraman Queensland


    Been listening on 10.145 +/- since yesterday heard some warbling sound every minute or so.


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    Quote Originally Posted by KC9MNL View Post
    anybody know if the balloon was located? the website given make it look like its home.

    That is I guess another "Meanie" and the owners of the tracking system are not happy. That guy took the sample data from the web page and made a telemetry posting making it look like a valid position.

    Another nice example of the people we have in this hobby now.

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