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Thread: digital ham radio

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    Thumbs down digital ham radio

    A shame ham radio is not all wireless anymore. The challenge is gone. Echo link is not 100% ham radio or D star either.

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    So don't use either. Different strokes, for different folks.

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    Troll, troll, troll, troll...
    Da da daaaa da da da daaaaa!
    PC holds that it is possible to pick up a piece of poop by the clean end.

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    Drive by trolling.

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    License granted 8/20/2012 - I guess that 48 hours is just enough to make broad sweeping remarks - which of course are devoid of meaning.

    A shame ham radio is not all wireless anymore. The challenge is gone. Echo link is not 100% ham radio or D star either.

    Lemme see, I just went outside, and yup, my antennas are still there. I looked at that silly router in the shack, and it's still there too - them pesky Internet connections. JT65, PSK31, HF MAIL, DX spotting, yup, those all work too. What a shame, it ALL WORKS!

    Here's a something that is challenging. Log into the ULS, you know, the same one you logged in to create your FCC account. Dig deep and you will find the link to CANCEL your license. It's free, easy, and final. No worrying about the state of amateur radio. Think of the burden lifted from your shoulders. Free, thank god, free at last.


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    Quote Originally Posted by KC0LFA View Post
    A shame ham radio is not all wireless anymore. The challenge is gone. Echo link is not 100% ham radio or D star either.

    Radio Shack still sells CB Radios; maybe you picked the wrong hobby?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KC0LFA View Post
    A shame ham radio is not all wireless anymore. The challenge is gone. Echo link is not 100% ham radio or D star either.
    If you are wondering who gave the thread a one star rating (terrible), it was me.
    "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to receive."
    -Otto Watt Sept. 5 1925

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    Hello Fred(FRED-KC0LFA)! Welcome to Amateur Radio!

    VoIP is a method of delivering Amateur Radio(amongst other services!) information via the ordinary "phone lines". Think of it as a
    "Super Phone Patch".

    The challenge is still here! We're all part of it! What we are, as Hams, is still retained! Please, don't be remorseful for something that
    will be ultimately a success!

    Use EchoLink, D-STAR, etc. as a "tool" to "enhance", NOT detract from the service.

    I personally have been experimenting with 40 W.P.M. A1A(CW) transmissions to TECHNICIAN CLASS Hams using FLDIGI(a free,
    multi-platform program) with some success. I first started to test it with EchoLink. I'm glad it was there. If it wasn't, well, I would of
    needed to make several long-distance phone calls to accomplish the same task. That gets expensive!

    I understand your post, however, I hope you can derive some assistance from all the experienced operators that are here on the
    QRZ.COM forums. Yes, they're "robust" at times, but are a "WEALTH" of information also. I have learned much since I have been

    I hope this helps. Please, feel free to post(responsibly) and answer other's posts(responsibly). I enjoy doing both immensely.

    See you there!

    [SIZE=3]JEFF-N3IFD/AECW ==> The Philly Phanatic & OM Elmer! [/SIZE][B][SIZE=3]"Always Entertaining & Continuously Wacky!" "Home of 'The Keyed Kite!' "[/SIZE]
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    song!"---Jeffrey John Niebuhr 02/28/2010

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    Amateur radio is all about experimenting. Some people take it in a quasi-wired direction with the internet, etc and other take it in other directions like WSPR and QRSS. And then there's whoever is putting those low-power beacons up in the Arizona mountains...

    Don't like D-Star or Echolink? Don't use them. Use the all-radio wireless tech of your choice for hobby, orange vest or socializing. Or come up with something none of us thought of and it will become the next rage. Who knows.

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    Some prefer FM Analog over digital ''private mode'' and some ham operators prefer digital over FM analog cause some FM analog repeaters sound noisy. I like digital over analog cause digital you sound more clearer like heard in NXDN and sometimes in DSTAR and yes I said DSTAR. The radios I operate on is a Motorola XPR 6550 UHF 403 - 470mhz Mototrbo handheld radio so I can use it on analog and Mototrbo when it comes around in the next month hopefully. My other radio is a Icom F4161DT 403 - 470mhz idas that will talk on Kenwoods NXDN I was introduce to this digital mode a month ago by a local ham so far I like talking on NXDN I spoke with a distant/local ham in Hudson last night with another ham operator in Atlanta the local NXDN repeater system is currently linked to some other repeaters in some states which is really cool. Like they say different operating modes for different users like IRLP, ECHOLINK, FM analog/digital and etc.

    - Jamie (N4CYA)
    Name: Jamie - N4CYA
    ''One of QRZ Moderator Dudes''!
    Any questions I can't answer?

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