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View Poll Results: What is the ultimate CW Tranceiver?

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  • Yaesu FTDX-5000 series

    10 23.26%
  • Elecraft K3 series

    16 37.21%
  • Other

    17 39.53%
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Thread: INFO: Yaesu FTDX-5000, Icom IC-7600, Elecraft K3, please...

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to QRZ

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    Yaesu Pan adapter? Are you refering to the DMU-2000? I was wondering what they put in that big box for that big price. Didn't seem like much. Or the internal board that plugs into the SDR?

    Scott - n0nuf

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    Don't laught at me too hard, but I would like a radio with a direct conversion receiver, selectable roofing filters, a digital preselector for every band, and a modern adjustable ACG like the Orion. Add two receivers/vfos, a good DSP system, a couple of crystal filters for CW, modern PBT and diversity reception, and I'd be very happy. Ten Tec, are you listening?

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    There is one clear winner and I'm sure your dealer told you what it is the #1 rated radio in ALL of the tests ran Sherwood, QST and 5 others it's the FTDX-5000MP. As of right now it still has no real competition in a full featured radio I would invite you to check all the reports and the new one as as the CW part on the 5000 they have improved it greatly since the introduction hardware/firmware. I personally have owned the 7700 when I bought the 5000 and sold it shortly afterward 2 yrs ago. Now I have the FTDX-5000 a IC-9100with all filters and a Elecraft that I just finished building a new K2/100. All are good radios with decent receivers the IC-9100 for a all band all mode Very good on HF I was surprised it was bought mainly for the UHF/VHF/1200/D-Star the K2 will hold it own for what it is and the low cost a winner.

    But for the overall winner it has to be the Yaesu beyond a doubt unless you want to carry it around with you at 50#. It has the best receiver of them all and if you can't hear you can't work them is true plus 200w output. It is an operators radio with controls right in front of you not buried in menus layers deep and tailored sound to your voice excellent audio. I have had mine for over 2 years now and not a single problem ever flawless. Worth noting there are many Contest stations that are going to the FT-5000's and not the K3's as some would have you beleive Yaesu radio's have been the Contester's choice for a very long time. The Station Monitor's scope leaves something to be desired but it's cheap and the speakers alone are worth it personally I would still buy another "MP" model I like the options.

    As for the DXpeditions going with the K3's yes they do as a matter of fact, BUT they get them for free and don't have to take there own radios plus they have to "advertise" what they let them use. The other reason is they will run off of 12v and only weigh a few pounds and are very small those are the reasons.

    It really boils down to it you want a portable rig or a base, buy the time you dress out a K3 it is very close to the price of a base model 5000 and the K3 still lacks a lot of the features of the 5000 has as a base model.
    73 de Fred N0AZZ


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    And here I am running an Eico 720 and HQ-129X. Personally, I am bad at making choices when it comes to radios. When it comes down to it if I am stuck on which radio I like better I buy both. Not an option for all people.

    I will be picking up a K3. My reasons are simple, it gives stellar performance in a fitting package for my current situation. I am currently living in a flat in Spain. Space conservation is something that is encouraging to me. Also, I go to out country house every weekend therefore the portable aspect is a plus. Also, I like the fact that upgrades are continuously released for the radio. New accessories, new modules, etc. Around the time I normally get bored with a rig and trade it in for something new I can just add something else to the K3. (I grow bored with a rig in about 12-18 months time.

    To each their own.
    73 de KB3LAZ

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    I met a fellow recently that is 99% CW only op, and heavy into contesting. This guy ragchews CW at 35-40 wpm during his commute to work.

    I was in his shack briefly and noted an IC-756Pro3, some pretty Heath stuff, and at the place of honor was a rig I didn't recognize.

    I asked, "Whats that?"
    He replied, "K3". "Why not use the Pro3?". "Cuz the K3 is the best CW reciever." he replied.

    Naturally, being the biased Icom fanboy that I am, I chortled, "I'd lie to see that!" He proceeded to demontrate in a manner that even I could hear. It was clearly superior as a CW reciever to the Pro3. I'm no expert but this guy virtually worshipped his K3 and he easily had the means to but any rig he wanted.

    One thing to note on the IC-7600, if you are always twisting the PBT tighter, it is more effective if you actually make the filter narrower instead.

    On an unrelated note: Thanks to major rig and antenna engineering, I can now hear everyone I can work. -- K7JBQ


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    Hi Scott. I have the K3 - actually, the K-Line. I've operated all of the current Yaesu, ICOM and Kenwood radios and like the K3 best of all. When I first purchased the K3, I had an almost complete FT-2000 line and felt the K3 purchase was a mistake. I gave it time though, and after a month or so, sold all of the Yaesu gear.

    If you like the feel a of a large radio the FT-5000 is the way to go as it's performance is excellent, although the bandscope is slow and under powered IMO. If you want a modular, expandable radio that has an outstanding receiver and a much lower entry price, the K3 is the way to go, but understand that as you add option after option, the price will approach that of the FT-5000.

    One of the things I've learned is to watch what contesters use. They're a pretty hardcore bunch when it comes to performance. Good luck with your decision and feel free to contact me w/any questions directly.

    Tom Kruczek
    W1TXT at arrl dotnet

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    NZ9Y: I'm here to tell you, I have choked the 7600 to the max (narrowed the filter :-P ). Depending on the signal and the noise, I use every option available on the rig. lol.

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    Oct 2001
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    Well, wish there was a way to make the poll and have the 3rd option as fill in the blank. Would be curious what other people are choosing for option 3 on the poll. :-) I'm surprised that more people haven't thrown their 2 cents into the pot. Thanks to those that have. Guess I'm just going to have to find someone with a K3 and have a demo... Anyone in Kansas City area with a K3?

    -Scott - n0nuf

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    I don't have a K3 but have used them a few times, and have several neighbors with them.

    I actually perfer my ORION (Ten Tec) in a few ways, mostly operability. The K3's receiver may be slightly better, but I honestly can't tell; and the ORION has a second receiver standard, not an option. I like its size and user interface better, and of course the spectrum scope is standard, and not an option. They're both excellent for QRQ QSK.
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    Well, gosh, I'm not a CW guy, so all the supposed problems with the FT-2000 and FTdx-5000 are lost on me. I'm not sure about the hollow knob comment, I find the tuning knobs on both fine [and I have both sitting here side by side]. The 5000 IS a superior radio to the 2000 but I'm not sure how much in the real world - my net guys cannot tell 'em apart on the air, both use the same microphone.

    The Dual VFO/Receive setup on the 5000 is much better and easier to use, plus you can diversity receive with two antennas and lock the VFO's together - this is pretty sweet. The noise reduction operations are easy on both but I think the 5000 just does a better job.

    Unlike Tom, I like the pan adapator, but then I don't know any better - it works, but if you are serious, you would put an SDR on the IF output, I'd think. the speakers, if you don't have a complex audio setup are VERY nice to my ears.

    Now, all that being said, I have a friend who's a top contester and uses a K3 [10 watts] infallably for field day and travels with it, but uses a IC-756 the rest of the time. He loves the K3 for CW, says it's a great rig.

    Totally useless, right?
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