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Thread: Is there any factory made HF amp, which beats AL811 in watt per buck ratio?

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to QRZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4L4AGU View Post
    That's not a PEP reading meter.
    Real PEP meters are powered by something other than RF.
    I also don't know how much I'd trust the accuracy of that. It's probably okay, but I'd want a known accurate meter to check it first.

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    Ive never seen an accurate Ameritron power meter.

    If you want cheap pay the $1500 for a NIB SB-220/221/HL-2200 that show on Fleabay and recap. Considering it was $350 at intro in 1969 its still a good deal.


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    No amp beats the AL811 for watts per buck. Note that to tune it a power meter is required. And be prepared to feed it new 811 tubes regularly as the quality of these tubes is hit or miss. I had an AL-811 and replaced it with an ALS-600.

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    True, but the 3-500Z tubes are much more rugged and forgiving than 811As.
    On his website, Tom W8JI admits the tubes are pushed beyond manufacturer ratings, and that doesn't leave much margin
    for operator tune up errors!

    The 811H pushes tubes far beyond ratings
    Absolutely true, if you consider operation in ICAS or CCS and not IVS. Keep in mind however the 811H does not "push" the tubes any "harder" than Collins did in the 30L1, or Heath did in the Warrior. It has been a long standing tradition to run 811 tubes at about 250 watts dc plate input, which is about 150-175 watts RF on the anode, per tube.

    I don't agree that past ham practices are a justification for pushing junk Chinese imports. New RCA tubes aren't being made these days.

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    Indeed, the RCA tubes were amazing but haven't been manufactured in decades. Collins pushed the hell out of 811As in the 30L-1, knowing full well they were doing that, and the tubes rarely failed...but they were American-made RCA tubes.

    Those "NOS" RCA 811As from the 60s and 70s sell for higher prices than brand new 2012-vintage Chinese tubes do, when you can find them.

    I wouldn't want anything with 811As in it today. Even Ameritron gladly admits they're all a roll of the dice, and although they try to weed out bad ones at the factory, they don't operate them for long and some are still guaranteed to fail prematurely, even without any cockpit error.

    The "RF Parts" brand 3-500ZGs (Chinese) seem to be quite good. I've been using a couple of them for years now, and no problems thus far. I suspect RFP simply weeds out bad ones before they ship them, and eats that cost.
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