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Thread: Foundation exam passed at age 5 years and eleven months old

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    My son (10 Years old) expressed interest in the hobby at about a year ago, I encouraged the desire and it took him over a year, and he attended two different tech classes, and did a lot of work on his own to learn what he needed to pass the Tech Licence exam about a month ago. No one forced him, no one coached him, he wanted something and ALL the adults he came in contact with encouraged him to chase his wants! He is now learning more and more operationally, and wants to earn his General sometime in the future. Our task as adults is to teach our children, and the young people who express desire to learn that they can, it just takes work, discipline, and desire.

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    I think this is cool and I encourage hams to get the younger generation in involved.

    I have heard some "famous" young hams on the air and they sound like they are "puppets" with someone else in the shack feeding them words etc, and this was not just a one time deal, it seemed to happen over and over and over, so while the young person could pass the test, I am not sure they had the conversational skills to work the radio.........but then again we all know some "old timers" with similar lack of skills.

    In any case, I sure hope this young person really encourages others to get licensed.


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    Great for 5 years old keep way from my two 4-1000-a kw home brew amp open rack

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    Are any bands "G" rated anymore?

    HAM radio is pretty much "R" rated. Of course, we know where the "X" rated bafoons loiter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AC8EO View Post
    Are any bands "G" rated anymore?

    HAM radio is pretty much "R" rated. Of course, we know where the "X" rated bafoons loiter.
    I think most of the ham bands are G rated, just not 20 and 75 meter phone.

    I've had parents of far too many prospective young hams inform me that they would never allow their tender vegetation to get on the air and talk to a bunch of old men, without supervision, and profanity is not the reason. We've built a culture where hiding in the bunker is the norm.
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    Heck, out here in New Mexico, we have a couple of three year olds working on their General tickets. (One said he could not have done it if they still had CW)

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    Great achievement--well done Kayleigh keep up the fine work -one day will make contact with you on the air.
    Regards Noel-2e0twz

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    Quote Originally Posted by K2WH View Post
    Whether the US or UK, there seems to be a rush to indoctrinate and/or trend by well meaning adults to get children to pass their respective tests. I don't know if this is an ego trip or an attempt at recognition for the trainers - Guinness perhaps.

    Personally, I think its silly. What in the world would one talk about to a 5 year old? Barbie dolls? Easy bake ovens? Why not just let 5 years olds be 5 year olds and grow up with friends and interact with humans instead of radios. I bet in coming years/months, someone will attempt to indoctrinate a 4 year old.

    Ham radio is for young adults and mature adults, not children or babies. Give it a break with the babies and get the 18-25 year olds interested.

    I guess you would not train a child to diall 911 aswell in case they need or could provide help to someone else. kids can do exceptional things.

    Also Kids will expose other kids to the hobby and some may be inclined to get in to it as well at a young age, while it is often said "You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink" with reference to Ham Radio. some will join the ranks because of it.
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    Most posts in this thread seem to be placing an emphasis only on the Kayleigh Huntley. What about Steve Tobin, Steve Walsh and Linda Nielsen? Let's congratulate them also!!!

    I have a very bright grand son and grand daughter both of which are 5 years old and they could never think fast enough nor have a command of the english language that would allow them to talk to an adult on the radio without adult supervision.
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    I wish if we in USA also have something like foundation license, most radio can reduce power level, so even 50 watts on VHF, 100 watts on HF should not be problem. I like idea of Foundation license exam to be taken on Web Site.

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