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Thread: When you least expect it--Your radio CAN help!

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to QRZ

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    What an inspiring story... Many, especially urban first world people, take our communications infrastructure FAR too much for granted. Those of us in rural areas know the fragility of such systems more intimately The human side of ham radio is the most important support in times of need.

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    Nice of you to help the man.

    The guy on the mountain needs to invest in some fire wood and matches. He also needs to check his packing list and make sure he has lots of blankets and cold weather clothes. Spoken by a guy without heat or a/c or extreme cold weather.
    There is nothing but DX.

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    Way Kool Guy!! Thats what I like this hobby Ham operators willing to lend a hand. Great Story plan on reading it at my next ham radio class.

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    Very good story. Several years ago my car broke down near Alamogordo NM. I made many calls asking someone to phone my wife (no cell then). After about a half hour I got a come back. The guy asked me repeatedly if it would be a long distance call. I assured him that it was not and he made the call. After we cleared the repeater the "good ole boys" were all there and a non stop QSO started.

    The bottom line is first don't need help in Southern NM and have something other than VHF-UHF radio. HF would have helped a lot more.

    73, and I will help.

    Dan NA9DH

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    FB job Dave,it's encouraging today to hear of people willing to "get involved" be it hams or otherwise.How could anyone turn their backs on someone needing assistance,especially one of our own!! I had personal experience doing this via ham radio for about a week during hurricane Andrew.Not only are we expected to do this in return for use of the bands we've been granted-IT GIVES ONE A WONDERFUL FEELING OF USEFULLNESS. greg-w2mya West Caldwell,N.J.

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    great story.. always like to read these kind of stories of people helping people
    i too have been helped by another ham, who drove 50 miles outta his way to bring me a gallon of anti freeze for my truck after the people in my office had gone home and i ran the battery down in my cell trying to call them ...

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    Here in Humboldt, it is very easy to find yourself out of commercial cell coverage. When my x and I bought our motor home, we decided to buy a cell phone, but were advised that they didn't work in mountains. Then the guy behind the counter mentioned amateur radio and my ears perked up--yeah, HAM RADIO. That was 1995. Since then, I've been helped many times and helped dozens of folks. I've also used our link to dial 911 for drunks on the road and helping crash victims. We have a better link then even the local law enforcement.

    One of the best ones I remember were some guys camping up in the Marble mountains. I would patch him into the telephone so he could check in with his wife! Now that is fun!

    thanks for the story OM.


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    I am monitoring 40m, where an emergency call had been placed earlier today, when a member of a group camping in the remote Victorian High Country suffered a medical condition requiring evacuation to hospital.
    Of course, there is no phone service out there, but fortunately one of the group had HF radio in his 4WD.
    The call was received, passed onto the emergency services, and now the group have put their vehicles in a circle to identify them easily to the medivac helicopter, which is on its way to extract the ill person.
    Another situation where only radio can get the message out.

    I too live in an area where there is patchy mobile phone service, satellite Internet (that drops out when you need it), and power that can go out anytime. I know I can rely on my battery-backed Amateur Radio station to continue communications regardless.

    Luke VK3HJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by KE6ENI View Post
    Well i'm kinda scratching my head on this one, but thanks for your post
    Try 'Head and Shoulders' for the itchy head, OM, it worked for me...The rest of us got it. FB job, guys!


    Steve, K4YZ

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    Gosh, here in Colorado we plant tomatos at 40 deg and wear t shirts.....
    Nice job for you guys....

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