April 14 8AM-April 15 5PM, 2012

I will be on all (If I don't get stuck on HF in between passes lol) AO-27, SO-50, and if we are all lucky maybe SO-67 (Might even try a few ISS Passes)
40 Meters 7.055 to 7.060 MHz
80 Meter 3.555 to 3.560 MHZ

Make sure to monitor this page for any further developements including HF as to where we are located in between passes. We will have 2-3 stations running and I will be manning one of the HF stations hopefully for 36 if I can manage and of course with the satelllite. I hope to hear everyone as to honor those who tragically parrished 100 years ago.

Please check our web site for QSL info www.w0s.org

This is not a contest, this is a commemoration of the operators that stuck with the ship on that fateful cold night to get out the CQD/SOS.
We honor respect their commitment to saves lives.

WS will make every effort to answer any and all calls made to us. Please be patient and space out your calls.

If you have any questions, please communicate to erecom@hotmail.com, K9ZTV@socket.net

Thank you.

Kent Trimble K9ZTV, Al Gallo WERE
TITANIC WS/QRP event coordinators, Branson, Mo.qsl2012front.jpg