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Thread: TV show, Doomsday Preppers, suggesting preppers use ham/shortwave radio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KC2UGV View Post
    Are you forgetting the ionization from the particulate? Imagine constant thunderstorms, lasting for well into a year...
    I always kind of wondered (not real seriously) if we can hear Starfish Prime on HF at all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WY5V View Post
    I don't think they had one. Just the Motorola desktop consoles. That display case is in the City of Dallas Office of Emergency Management. Here is a photo of the other case:

    Attachment 90407Attachment 90408Attachment 90409

    Some, but not all, of these items were removed from the old Dallas County/City EOC under the old science museum at Dallas Fair Park. There is a fairly good write up on the facility at this web site:


    I have a Geiger counter like that one!!
    [QUOTE]"America's quiet warriors are the legion of ham radio operators, 700,000 of them, who are always at ready for backup duty in emergencies amateur, unpaid, uncelebrated, civilian radio operators, during and after floods and fires and tornadoes. After the 9/11 attacks, hams were indispensable in reuniting friends and families. Most recently it was they who expedited the search for debris after the Columbia Explosion , and right now, at this moment, they are involved in homeland security to a greater degree than you would want me to make public."[/QUOTE][FONT=Arial][FONT=Arial][B]

    [COLOR=#000080]Paul Harvey[/COLOR] News and Comment, ABC Radio, March 19, 2003 [/B][/FONT][/FONT]

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    Quote Originally Posted by N0WYO View Post
    I have a Geiger counter like that one!!
    I did, but then I sold it on ePay for profit. Sometimes I wish I didn't. It was fun to have around just for the looks people would give me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K0RGR View Post
    Frankly, their magazine has been a disappointment lately, too. They seem to be printing it on much lower grade paper, and last month, my issue was missing about 20 pages that apparently didn't get bound into the book. If it wasn't for the Titanic and the Mayans I don't think they'd have a magazine.
    I quit subscribing to the magazine several years ago because it was too expensive for a magazine I never read. It took a while, but they finally quite sending me solicitations to renew.

    Quote Originally Posted by KC9UDX View Post
    I don't watch TV. But, I do listen to The Conspiracy Show, sometimes.. I usually get about a minute or two into it and end up switching bands though.

    I've run into a lot of the gun-hoarding gonna-outlive-everybody-by-living-off-hunted-deer types who think I'm a kook for saying I think a solar powered AM or shortwave radio would be a nice survival tool. After all, who would waste their time saving something like that when you could have another couple M16's.
    I think a lot of this prepper nonsense is nothing more than a rationalization for owning a bunch of guns...

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    Quote Originally Posted by K0RGR View Post
    If WWIII ever does take place, I wonder if HF will even be usable due to all the radios coming out of closets or bunkers, and being used by people who aren't properly licensed and have no previous experience on the air.
    I'll be listening for the teens calling "WOLVERINES!"
    [I]"Just because your voice reaches halfway around the world doesn't mean you are wiser than when it reached only to the end of the bar."[/I] - Edward R. Murrow

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    All one has to do is look at the mob mentality seen during Katrina to see some validity to the paranoia. I tend to prepare for an extended local emergency (floods etc) by having backup power, food, and water supply. I'm not terribly worried about mobs descending onto our country acreage from a nuclear attack though. But we have been isolated in the past with flooding. But not to worry I still can yak on my radios!

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    Quote Originally Posted by K9STH View Post
    Then there are those who "point out" that the Mayan's didn't allow for leap year. Therefore, the "end of the world" has already passed!

    Glen, K9STH
    They don't need leap years because they didn't have a calendar based on astronomical objects. The December date was calculated by taking their calendar of 260 days and plotting it over a modern calendar. I'm not saying the end of the world is coming, just that the dates are a simple counting exercise. Now not everyone agrees when the calendar actually starts.

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    Did you mean ONE nuclear blast ?,
    The idea here is thousands of bombs going off at once, from all directions (how many countries have the bomb now ? ) not just one !

    Quote Originally Posted by KB4QAA View Post
    Radio 'blackout' from nuclear blasts lasts from a few hours to well less than a day.

    Sheesh. more paranoid misinformation.
    73.....JD, FISTS #3853,cc 455,SKCC # 1395,tribune #12,
    Official US Taxpayer

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    If and I say IF this Doomsday thing happens, I'll probably pay closer attention to my shotgun than a radio of any sort. If people tear their town a new ass because their team won the Bowl can you imagine how they'll behave during a SHTF situation. But, I'm sure there will be some grumpy old HAM out there scolding people for illegal operation.
    [B][FONT=Arial]Dave Tipton, KJ6UFY
    Fresno, CA USA[/FONT][/B]

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    OK, haven't followed the thread, but if we're talking about the second show about the doomsday folks, a friend of mine works for the company that builds the shelters. He has some pretty wild stories about some of the customers. Did they mention the guy who wanted room for the baby grand piano?

    Apparently the original idea for the shows was about the shelters, but the show creators changed the theme to focus on the whackos who buy these things.

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