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Thread: Best Wire Antenna?

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    Default Best Wire Antenna?

    What is your best wire antenna?

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    Best wire antenna for doing what, specifically?
    It would really help new amateurs who want to build antennas to find an older copy of the ARRL Antenna book. There are too few explanations and too little data in the current editions. By old I mean say pre-1989. Cruise hamfest tables and Ebay, there are plenty available pretty cheap.

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    All of 'em.

    What to be a bit more specific? Performance per foot of wire or something?

    I have a loop, dipoles, end fed wires, each serves a purpose. What do you want to do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by N5RWJ View Post
    What is your best wire antenna?
    There's an easy formula. It goes like this:
    The simplest, highest altitude wire antenna that puts the most gain in the direction you want, on the bands you want and is either tunable with a tuner, or resonates below 2:1SWR where you want it.

    There you go

    The simplicity element may be the biggest key - how much time, money and effort are you comfortable putting into it?

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    A dipole. They are the next best thing to using a 2 element Yagi but with one less element.

    Could also be a hexbeam. ...It's a wire antenna right?

    Then again it could be a doublet or an OCF because they cover more bands than a monoband dipole.

    Then again it could be a monoband dipole because it operates more efficiently than a multiband antenna.

    It all depends on your perspective.

    Define "best" exactly.

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    The best wire antenna that I ever had was a true "Zepp" cut for the 160-meter band. A true "Zepp" has a half-wave (at the lowest frequency) radiating element and a quarter-wave of balanced feed line. It had about 270 feet of wire and was fed with "transmitting twin lead" (300 ohm twin-lead that could easily handle 1000 watts used to be available). The antenna worked well on 160, 80/75, 40, 20, and 10-meters. A true "Zepp" doesn't load well on 15.

    I was using first a WRL Globe Chief 90A and then a Heath DX-100, both of which can handle a very good range of antenna impedances (DX-100 up to over 600 ohms and the Globe Chief 90A up to over 1200 ohms).

    Glen, K9STH

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    I have 2 favorites one design I have used over 6 yrs it's a OCFD coax fed 270' mounted at 60' covers 160-6m it is a Buckmaster one of the most well made wire antennas I have ever seen. The other is a 160m loop coax fed @40' to low really but works great for all of NA, CA a little of S America very well one of the best I've ever had but not really a DX antenna such in my case anyway have worked a little EU and some Africa but that's it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by N5RWJ View Post
    What is your best wire antenna?
    It's always BENS BEST BENT WIRE

    Send that in code it sounds cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by N5RWJ View Post
    What is your best wire antenna?
    The one I made of course!

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    Quote Originally Posted by N5RWJ View Post
    What is your best wire antenna?
    I have several wire antennas, but my Carolina Windom is the one I use the most. It's a 40/20/10/6 that also works well elsewhere. 32 feet in an inverted V. Nearly invisible to the HOA, too.
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