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AB-577 Military Surplus Tower For Sale

This is the one you have been looking for! A complete fifty-foot tall AB-577 Tower in excellent working condition!

For those who don't know, the AB-577 is a military tower system that was designed to be portable and set up by two people. The AB-577 was originally designed to support a microwave antenna....and since its US Army surplus, its designed to be simple, stout, and will support big antennas. Big, as in 40 meter full-size 2-element yagi big. As in multiple VHF-UHF-array big. Three element tri-banders don't even work up a sweat for this antenna tower.

This is a fantastic set-up field day or at your home QTH. Want to go portable? Add an extra antenna for the SO2R operation you've been planning? Thinking about adding a tower, but you dont want to spend $5000 for the tower, the permits, the construction of the base, etc.? This is a great tower for all of these applications.

One thing to note....these towers are getting rarer by the year. They were surplussed-out about 10 years ago, and you just don't find them for sale anymore. There's a reason...these are great towers; and once people have them, they rarely sell. I planned to use this one as an extra tower for contests, but since I now have three permanent towers, I have no need for it, and frankly, I'm tired of moving it around in the garage. Its a shame to see this great tower just sitting around and gathering dust.

This AB-577 has been used but is in good condition with good rollers, clamps, etc. It has everything you need to make it work at your QTH, Field Day site, or hilltop operation - the canvas carrier bag, and the 'rocket launcher' (which includes the mast section carrier). It has 8 sections of mast, collars, mast top adapter, guy ring assemblies, all the guys, winch and handle, wrench for rotating the mast, and stakes. The manual is available via the internet.

Additional AB-577 info is also on the net at:

Note that Ontario surplus does have spare parts, but no longer has complete AB-577 towers (and hasn't for several years).

I am asking $1200.00

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K2AX - Mark
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