For sale one Good condition ,other is parts radio but works with transformer.
$135 for both
25-1300MHZ am,fm,wfm mode scanner they are 400 channel each.

Programmable Scanner Liquid Crystal Display-shows the channel and the frequency you have selected, as well as other information. Two-Second Scan Delay-helps to prevent your losing replies on a channel while you are scanning. Memory Back-up-keeps the channel frequencies stored in your scanner's memory if a power failure occurs. Lock-Out Function-lets your scanner skip over a specified channel or group of channels. Ten Channel Storage Banks-allow you to group your stored frequencies so that calls are easier to identify. Priority Channel-helps to keep you from missing important calls on the selected channel. Direct Frequency Search-allows you to scan through every available frequency to find interesting broadcasts Monitor Banks-allow you to save up to ten additional channels located during a frequency search. Sound Squelch-keeps the scanner from stopping on a channel that is only broadcasting a carrier, with no voice or other sound. Your PRO 2006 scanner covers a wide frequency range: *..............25-520 MHz *.........760-823.945 MHz *.........851-868.945 MHz *............896-1300 MHz

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