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Thread: MFJ-259B vs. MFJ-266

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    Quote Originally Posted by AC0FP View Post
    The MFJ-259B is portable, I don't think I could haul my computer outside to do antenna checking!
    You don't need a computer! You must be thinking of the AIM4180?

    This is the T100 Vector Antenna Analyzer:

    No comp required! Gives you a full screen readout right on the unit itself.

    Here's a good review of it:

    The VK5JST Aerial Analyzer is similar in use to the MFJ unit:

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    Does anyone have any experience with a RigExpert antenna analyzers?


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    Quote Originally Posted by K2POP View Post
    Does anyone have any experience with a RigExpert antenna analyzers?

    I don't but I did look at the website.

    The ones that operate from LF to 54MHz use a pair of DDS chips with a rather neat approach using a square wave source and a downconverter.

    However, this does have the disadvantage that you can be simultaneously radiating several milliwatts on three frequencies when testing on just one of the frequencies.

    eg Fundamental + 3rd and 5th harmonics are radiated strongly.

    Not sure anyone would really mind at these tiny power levels but I'd be slightly concerned as to how this device would get through formal EMC testing if the EMC test house noted that the device radiated maybe 20 milliwatts at 4.7MHz when actually doing 'tests' at around 14MHz at just a couple of milliwatts.

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    Dont know why everyone is shunning the Autek's VA1; it is not 10x the price of the MFJ. At $199US, it is actually less money than the MFJ.

    No computers needed and smaller than the battery pack of the MFJ.
    I dont see me climbing a tree with a back pack (mfj); i put the Autek in my shirt pocket with a spare 9v NiMH battery and you dont get hung up in the branches.

    But if you're phasing 5 loops on 80M, you will need the VNA 2180 (or other equivalent i'm not familiar with); no need to take your computer outside. You calibrate out ANY LENGTH feedline; the readings then are as if you're standing at the feedpoint.
    I know it works, i have phased my 80m loops with it and believe me IT WORKS; but you need much higher precision than the mfjs and auteks.

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    Just through more into the mix , I had used MFJ-259 / none B , got it with issues and repaired , upgraded to the MFJ-269 also used with issues and repaired it .
    Now upgrade again to another used unit a Timewave TZ-900 AntennaSmith ,
    A comparison links ,
    Missing the one I was thinking about , seem to lose lots of save stuff / bookmarks etc.
    Sorry I have a Tool-Jones , and like to compare

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