Dear friends!

I have an old marine radio Icom Ic-M700/F (Same as IC-M700/TY).
It is a present for my club station to teach a youn peoples.
But i can not find schematics or service manual to rebuild this
radio from fixed frequencies.
Can you help me with schematics or service manual?

73! de Sam Sorokin UT9FJ (ex.UB5FJA, UB5FJA/UA0C, UR5FJA

Member of: DIG, HSC, AGCW-DL, FISTS, G-QRP-C etc

Cheef OP. of UX2FXX ( Contest call: UT9F)
The Odessa City YoungAmateur Radio Club Station
(ex. UB4FXX, RB0FXX, UX2F)