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Thread: HamGadgets - keyers, repeater control

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    Wink HamGadgets - keyers, repeater control

    Well, I suppose I'm pretty much the definition of this category! Everything that I sell was designed, parts ordered, kits bagged, documentation done, CDs burned and printed, orders filled and packages shipped by one person -- me. OK, I do occasionally get a little shipping help from my wife, and one of my sons helps out with packaging from time to time.

    If you're looking for a keyer, I've got you covered. The PicoKeyer-Plus is, as far as I know, the only completely self-contained memory keyer available today. All the connectors, controls and even the battery are on the board. I offer it in kit form only, and if you can pick a soldering iron without burning yourself two out of three times you can put it together. I also offer it with an optional plastic case, already drilled and ready to go.

    If you need something more elaborate, the MasterKeyer MK-1 is the most advanced memory keyer available anywhere. 30 memories, solid-state relay outputs for your tube gear, simple operation, USB keyboard input, Winkeyer emulation, and above all -- flawless CW at any speed, adjustable to fit your exact style and "feel". It's the only thing I don't sell in kit form.

    The ID-O-Matic II is a very popular automatic Morse IDer that people are using for repeaters, beacons, link transmitters, and auto ID for their FM, SB and even Echolink setups.

    The Universal Keying Adapter (UKA-2, about to be replaced by the UKA-3) is a solid state relay keying adapter that lets you key your tube gear (transmitter, amp, etc) from your straight key, electronic keyer, or computer. Think of it as an amp keying interface with a few extras, in super-easy kit form.

    Everything is guaranteed for a year -- and I usually don't quibble about it. In fact, I've never charged anyone a fee to fix their HamGadgets kit or keyer regardless of how old it is, or how badly screwed up. All I ever ask is a couple bucks to cover return postage, and maybe the cost of parts if you blew it up yourself. I ship all over the world.

    I'm easy to find. A quick visit to will get you to the web site, with all the information you want, email address, postal address, downloadable manuals, and more.
    73 de Dale, NXAS

    Check out the MasterKeyer, PicoKeyer and other toys!

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    Awesome kits - I built the UKA to key my Heathkit SB-200 with my modern rig. Works flawlessly. It took me longer to find my small soldering iron than it took to build it. Dale helped me decode the diode markings as I was unfamiliar with one of them.

    Clint - W5CPT

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    I've bought kits from Dale a couple times at Dayton. Excellent value and they fill niche needs. I eagerly await the UKA-3 as although I have done homebrew installation of opto-isolators in an SB-200 a couple times, it looks like a kluge compared to Dale's little kit. An A-1 rating from me.

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    I've been a user of Dales products since 2003 when I purchased a couple of programmed Rockmite chips to key my beacon. The second one is still on the shelf gathering dust as the first
    one has been operating 24/7 flawlessly since mid-2003. . Dale updated the chips for me a couple of years later for only the cost of postage........ Good service and great support.
    73 Bill WJ5O/BCN 28.289 MHz

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    Default Ditto others comments

    I have nothing but good to say about these kits! I've built some of them, and I recommended them to friends who have also built them. It doesn't get any better than this!

    73, -WY3X
    *Now buying Echolink boards and interfaces for use in a BB-gun shooting gallery at nearby hamfests! Working or not! Paying up to $1.00 each, plus another dollar to cover your shipping and handling!

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    Very impressive from a future builder.
    When funds improve I found a next solder project.
    I have built many projects over the years and they
    Either failed to perform as advertised. Or just were
    Not of much interest other than building them.
    Your kit I'd o magic II is going to be my next built.

    It's even better finding a kit of not only interest but
    Of utility instead of novelty. And reasonable.

    Bravo and looking forward to trying one in the future!

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    This is what I'm talking about!
    73 de Fred N0AZZ


    The License is Only Your Starting Point in Radio!
    ARRL member, ARRL and W5YI VE
    DX the thrill of the chase

    ""D-STAR making use of the 2/ 440m repeaters for real world Digital Voice usage around town and around the world""

    " Not one of us can do what all of us can do " ** Max Lucado

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    My ONLY complaint regarding the PicoKeyerII, is the "optional build" is after the assembly instructions. I could have read ahead, but I didn't know I needed to. I wish now I did, so I can have a peripheral cable under the battery holder for various brands of rigs. Please do not read this as a bad thing, I can always "unsolder" the battery holder and pinout the cable...Or even alter the power source's input value....So many "options" it isn't even funny......That's the BIG LIKE about the PicoKeyerII it has options before building and after. And the components? Not polarized. Thumbs way way up....ever put a diode in backwards, just to find it "smoked"? How about a capacitor? I feel this kit is so simple, it can be included in a grade school's science fair project.....if the instructions were printed out before-hand. Oh, and not enough "like" stars to give Dale......I bought one PicoKeyerII, one UKA2 kit ( as yet unassembled) and have a wish list for the ID-o-matic. Peace. Ed.

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    The Master Keyer 1 is a fine unit. I've been enjoying mine for a bit over the past year. It is a nice follow-on to my Super CMOS III.
    Nate, Bremen, KS
    "Amateur radio--a real time social network using radio waves"

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    For you kit building junkies, tube radio lovers and amp users... I'm shipping the UKA-3 kit as of tomorrow morning. This is a follow-up to the UKA and UKA-2. It's a Universal Keying Adapter... think of it as a good way to isolate tube gear from whatever you need to isolate it from. It's got active-high (computer serial or parallel port) and active-low (hand key, bug, electronic keyer) inputs, and a single optically isolated output that can be used to key pretty much any grid-block or cathode-keyed rig. The output is good for 400V at 250 or 400 mA, depending on a build-time option. There is an optional aluminum cabinet if you want to use it stand-alone on the operating table, or you can build it without connectors and LEDs to put it inside your rig or amp.

    As always, full details at

    Next up? I'm working on a USB to "just about anything" CAT/CI-V/RIB box.
    73 de Dale, NXAS

    Check out the MasterKeyer, PicoKeyer and other toys!

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