Butternut HF9V Vertical Antenna, and accessories, $400 plus shipping.

Location central Florida.

Butternut HF9V Vertical Antenna. List price $469.95

Butternut CPK Counterpoise
kit for HF9V Antenna List price $199.95

GAP Antenna Products Quick-Tilt
Ground mount for HF9V List price $ 89.00

Total list $758.90

All antenna and mount parts are absolutely new in the box.
Bought at estate sale. Antenna has not been assembled.

Upon examination and inventory I found there are two doorknob caps. missing.
One 67 picofarad 5Kv cap, and one 200 picofarad 7.5 Kv cap. They are used in
conjunction with the 40 and 80 meter coils.
These parts are available from RF Parts, or from Bencher. Bencher is the current
owner of the Butternut name and the manufacturer of the antenna.

Price from RF Parts is about $20.00 per capacitor. They are also available from Bencher.

As stated. All parts are accounted for, except as noted above, and will be shipped in original containers.

Please note: This antenna and all associated parts have never been assembled, and are effectively new, not as new.

I have a series of pictures and will forward upon request.


AJ4FX Good on QRZ