I have 2 power supplies that are in excess to my needs. Plus Dayton is coming up and....

First is a Pyramid PS-25. It is in very good condition, minimal wear, no scratches dents or signs of abuse. It will provide 25a with 27a surge capability. It has 2 wedge meters and is variable voltage from about 5 to 15v. I would like $75.00 plus shipping.

The second is the Kenwood PS-50. It is made to compliment many of the Kenwood radios. It is in good overall condition, some surface scratches on the sides. Top & front good. No dents or signs of abuse. I have been using it on the FT-847 I have also listed for sale. It is very comfortable at 20a. 13.8v. It has the 6 pin connector. I would like 125.00 plus shipping for this PS.

Pickup is OK or I could bring them to Dayton if desired. I check here frequently so PM or posting a response is good or E-me, address on call sign page. Paypal OK or US postal money order. I will ship world wide.