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Thread: six meter beam plans

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    Default six meter beam plans

    Im looking for some step by step plans to homebrew a 6 meter yagi, something like like the cushcraft 3 or 5 element yagis. im a newbie ,so no antenna engineering degree, just some good, basic, straight foward plans. If you no of some pleas let me know. Thanks, Joe B kc4lnx

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    There's lots of information available for this, but if you like the 3L or 5L Cushcraft designs, they're easy to copy by just downloading their manuals and following the dimensions! All the dimensions are clearly shown in the assembly manuals, which are on line.

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    I don't know of any step-by-step 6m yagi plans but if you're going to get into building antennas, which is a part of the hobby I thoroughly enjoy, the best way is to first educate yourself about them. Buy the ARRL Antenna Book or check it out from the library. Pick a simple antenna from there and start with that. Homebrewing antennas isn't that complicated as long as you build it the same way it was designed. If you stray from the design by using larger or smaller tubing, ground the elements when they are insulated, etc., your antenna may not work as well as it could or it may not work at all. With more knowledge you can compensate for things not originally in the design but if you don't have that knowledge do not just wing it, try to duplicate everything. And measure 5 times and cut once.

    Here is a site I like with yagi's you can build but they don't have step-by-step instructions. I have built some of those designs and the antennas work very well, just as well as any commercial antenna.

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    There are many 6m Yagi designs on Justin's site:

    If you dig deep on his site you'll find some practical assembly information:

    Steve G3TXQ

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    I agree about the CC on line manuals; Ive modeled the 3 el and its about as good as it gets. The current 5el could be improved a small amount if you are a F/R fanatic but why bother. Also the ARRL Antenna Book has several good performing short boom designs.

    Id suggest a T match for the DE.


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    We built a 3 element last year for Field day from some plans on the internet. We could not get the thing so tune so I consulted the ARRL Yagi antenna book. I used all the formulas in there for the boom length, element lengths, and gamma match. It tuned up almost perfectly. A very good reference to have if you like to build yagi antennas! Good luck!


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    Drop me an e-mail: and I can send you some "tips" on building either a yagi or quad beam for 6 meters. BTW, my information is "FREE", LOL! I also have plans for verticals, ground planes, and collinear's.

    I've moved to a place out in the parish (Louisiana) near the Texas border and have more antenna space now. I'll be building and erecting all sorts of antennas for everything from VLF all the way to microwave. I even plan to build an IR transceiver as an wireless 'intercom' between the shack and the house. Let the government try an 'monitor' that, !


    Grid Square: EM-32

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