Several HF Transceivers, Power Supplies and Antenna
Tuners For Sale:

Icom IC-756 Pro, 160 thru 6 meter transceiver

The upgraded Icom IC-756 Pro covers all nine HF ham bands
plus 6 meters (receive from 30 kHz - 60 MHz). The high
resolution 4.9 inch TFT color dot matrix LCD display provides
more operating information than you've ever had before,
including a spectrum scope ( 12.5, 25, 50 or 100 kHz).
The Pro features a 32-bit floating point DSP Digital IF filter
with 41 selectable bandwidths, microphone equalizer, manual
notch function, digital twin pass band tuning (PBT), all mode,
including PSK31, and much more. No additional filters or high
stability crystal oscillators are available or needed. The
selectivity lets you pull out weak signals like never before.
The rear panel features two antenna inputs plus an RCA type
receive antenna jack.

It includes such things as a Voice Keyer, 101 Memories, RIT/XIT,
Noise Blanker, Multiple Display Formats, Realtime Spectrum
Display, Twin Digital PBT, Voice Recorder, 100 Watt Output,
Built-in Auto Antenna Tuner, TCXO Built In, 100% Duty Cycle,
Built in RTTY Demod, DSP Notch, 1 Hz Readout, Memory Keyer,
RF Attenuator 6/12/18 dB, Automatic Notch and much more.

This particular unit works 100% as best I can tell. I tried
to test everything. It looks extremely nice. It is in its
original box, with paper work for $1100.

Icom IC-746, 160 thru 2 meter transceiver

The Icom IC-746 covers 160-10 meters plus 6 and 2 meters. 100
Watts of output is available on all bands - HF, 50 MHz and 144
MHz, making the IC-746 a practical choice for all-around base
station use. The die-cast aluminum chassis and a large cooling
fan help to stabilize the PA circuit, providing 100% full duty
cycle operation. It has 100 alphanumeric memories, spectrum
display, Twin PBT, CTCSS encode / decode, APF, two stage preamp,
keypad entry, automatic antenna tuner and electronic keyer.
DSP digitally transposes receive audio components in all modes
of operation to produce desired AF frequency characteristics at
the IF stage of the transceiver. This built-in DSP provides:
noise reduction, automatic notch filter and selectable APF. The
digital bar graph meter displays ALC, power output and SWR
simultaneously! The radio automatically selects from the three
separate antenna inputs (HF, 6 meters, 2 meters). A built-in
automatic antenna tuner operates on the HF bands plus 6 meters.
The rear panel has three antenna jacks. The 746 requires 12 VDC
at 20 amps.

Features include Spectrum Scope, 102 Memories, RIT/XIT, Noise
Blanker, VOX Function, Selectable APF, Dual Display, 100 Watt
Output, 40 Watt Output (AM), Built-in Automatic Antenna Tuner
180-6 Meters, Full Break-In CW, CW Keyer, 100% Duty Cycle, Rx
Antenna Jack, DSP Notch, 1 Hz Readout, Memory Keyer, RF
Attenuator 6/12/18 dB, and much more.

This particular unit works 100% as best I can tell. It looks
very close to new, and is in its original box, with paper work
for $750.

Icom IC-706 Mk II G 160 thru 2 meter transceiver:

The '706' Series represents one of the most popular transceivers
in amateur radio histroy. The latest version is the incredibly
small Icom IC-706 Mark II G which adds many new features and
capabilities not found in previous versions. The "G" is an
all-mode transceiver that provides 100 watts on HF and 6 meters
and 50 watts on 2 meters plus 20 watts on 440 MHz. It receives
from 30 kHz to 199 MHz and from 400 to 470 MHz. It features a
removable, remoteable, front panel that allows control of all
features. The large LCD display features alphanumeric memory
names (9 character) and soft key descriptions. The LCD even
supports a simple band scope display. Other advanced features
include: IF Shift, RIT, Tone Squelch, Scanning, Noise Blanker,
Speech Compressor, Mini Spectrum Scope and Electronic Keyer.
This latest version in the 706 series includes the UT-106 DSP
module as a standard feature. Despite its compact size (6.56"
x 2.28" x 7.88"), it has big, easy to use control dials. With
HM-103 hand mic. One or two optional filters may be added.

* .03-199, 400-470 MHz Receive
* Alpha memories
* Preamp/ATT
* 1 Hz Display
* IF Shift
* Scanning
* S/RF Meter
* 100 Watts HF+6M
* 50 Watts 2M, 20 Watts 440
* 100 Memories
* All band Multimode
* Removable head
* Mini Spectrum Scope
* Electronic Keyer

This one works 100% as best I can determine. It looks extremely
nice. Microphone and paper work is included for $650.

Icom PS-30 Deluxe Power Supply

The Icom PS-30 power supply delivers 13.8 VDC at 25 amps. This
power supply features a meter which can be set to display amperage
or voltage. Four outputs are provided on the rear panel. Output 1
is a hard wired, high amperage cable with the Icom standard 6 pin
Molex plug. Outputs 2, 3 and 4 provide low amperage 13.8 VDC
output. This power supply has a snap-out tilt bracket.

This one works 100% and looks very nice. With paper work for $185.

Kenwood TS-440 S / AT, 100 Watt HF transceiver:

The Kenwood TS-440S/AT was designed for superior performance
in the SSB, CW, AM, FM and AFSK modes. An automatic antenna
tuner is built in. Coverage is 160 through 10 meters including
the WARC bands with 100 watts (40W AM). It includes such
things as notch filter, individual selection of optional
crystal filters, digital readout, memories, scan capabilities,
IF shift, direct frequency entry from a keyboard, and many
other features. It requires 13 VDC at about 20 amps.

This particular TS-440 is in great condition. Electrically,
it functions 100%. There are no problems with the VCO and
PLL like plagues some of these units. Likewise the frequency
entry from the keyboard is clean and definite. Cosmetically,
it looks good. With paper work for only $450.

Kenwood PS-430 power supply
This 20 amp, 13 V DC power supply matches TS- 140, TS-430,
TS-440, and others. It has the heavy 6 pin Kenwood power cable
plus an axillary 13 V DC output on back for running other shack
This one works fine, and looks good. With paper work for $100.

SGC 2020 HF (160 thru 10 meters) QRP Transceiver:

This is the transceiver for base, backpack or business trips -
the ultimate portable transceiver. There are no confusing menus
and just two-step operation: select your frequency and transmit.
The SG-2020 is compact and weighs only 4.5 pounds. Operate SSB
or CW from wherever you are.

The SG-2020 covers all HF frequencies from 1.8 to 30 Mhz. It
is factory-set for 20 watts PEP with front panel power
adjustments down to 1W using USB, LSB, or CW. There are 20
factory pre-programmed memories preset to frequencies within
each of the nine amateur bands for fast band accessibility.
Each memory position can be selected for a specific transmitter
output power, specific amount of bandwidth filtering, mode and
split VFO. The memory channels can be re-programmed to accommodate
alternate frequencies of your choice within the frequency range
and a simple unlock procedure allows you to choose any HF
frequency worldwide.


Operating Modes: USB, LSB and CW
Frequency Range: 1.8-29.7 MHz

Pass Band Tuning Sensitivity: Better than .3uV for 6dB S/N
Intermodulation: +18dBM 3rd order intercept
Tunable A.F. Bandpass: 100 - 2700 Hz

Transmitter power: Adjustable from 0 - 20W PEP output
RF Speech Processor: VOGAD baseband processing and RF clipping
DC Voltage: 10 - 18 VDC

Noise Reduction Levels: 13dB and 26dB
Band Pass Filters: 100, 500 and 1500 Hz
Additional Current Consumption: Less than 100mA
Tone Rejection: Better than 57dB
Dynamic Noise Rejection: Better than 18dB

To put it another way, this is the ideal QRP transceiver!

This particular unit appears to have never been used. It is
still in its original box, although I have taken it out and
tested it, and all works great. Cosmetically, it is the same
as new. No defects.

Hand mic is included for $550.

TenTec 585 Paragon HF Transceiver:

The Paragon is a top of the line transceiver that includes a
general coverage receiver. It covers 160-10 meters, including
WARC bands, with 100 watts output. The receiver is fantastic.
It has dual VFOs and many memories built in, along with a
speech processor. Basically, it has about every feature that
a ham could want in an HF rig.

This particular unit works 100% as best I can tell. Since the
rig does so many things, I am sure that there is something I
didn't test, but I don't know what it is (or I would have
tested it!). It has had all updates completed by TenTec.

Cosmetically, it is in extremely nice shape. The front panel
is extremely good. Most all of the lettering is clean and
crisp. This one also has the Giehl chip in it making it
similar to a Paragon II.

Large manual and power cord included for $650.

TenTec Power Supplies:

TenTec Model 280 power supply, 20 amps at 13 V DC
This supply is quite heavy duty electrically. It has 2 pass
transistors, instead of the one that some have. It also has an
ammeter on it.
This one works fine, and looks OK as well.
With paper work for $100.

"Switcher / 25" 25 amp switching power supply:
This is a 25 amp switching power supply in a case that
matches the early Omni series case, with the metal bezel
around it. It is in a case that is the same size as a 243
remote VFO. It has an ammeter on the front, along with
Switch, TenTec logo, and output bulb. The front panel
basically looks like a 280 power supply with a metal bezel,
but says "Switcher/25" on it. It is very quiet, and well
shielded, and does not produce any electrical noise that
I could find. $150

TenTec 238 Roller Inductor Antenna Tuner:

This HF antenna tuner will handle the full legal limit, and will
match almost anything. It is rated to match loads up to 3000 ohms.
It is an "L" network, which means that there is only one correct
matching point, and not false readings like some tuners. It has a
roller inductor that permits matching all HF bands, including the
WARC bands.

In addition to the tuner, it also includes a wattmeter with 200
and 2000 watt scales, plus SWR bridge. There is also an antenna
switch built in, so this unit will handle all of your antenna

This particular unit works fine, and looks extremely nice. I can
not find a scratch or defect on it. With paper work for $395.

MFJ 989 C Roller Inductor Full Power HF Tuner:

This is the most popular legal limit antenna tuner. It
handles 1500 Watts from 1.8 to 30 MHz including MARS/WARC

You can match dipoles, verticals, inverted V's, random
wires, beams, balanced lines, coax, mobile whips,
shortwave -- nearly any antenna.

It includes a cross needle meter to read forward power,
reflected power, and SWR simultaneously. It will read
peak or average power. It also has a switched meter light,
if you supply 12 Volts to it.
An antenna switch is built in, as is a dummy load.

This one works 100% with absolutely no problems. It looks
extremely nice, with no scratches. It includes paper work,
and is in its original box.

MFJ sells these for just under $400. Buy this one for $230.

MFJ 941 C antenna tuner for 160 thru 10 meters
This tuner has a "cross needle" SWR bridge built into it,
so one can read both forward power, reflected power, and
SWR at the same time. The meter has a back light, assuming
12 Volts is applied to the tuner. The wattmeter portion
will read either 30 W or 300 W full scale.
An antenna switch will switch between either balanced line,
two coax antennas, or a built in dummy load. Antennas can
be operated thru the tuner, or the tuner can be bypassed.
This tuner will operate on 160 thru 10 meters, including
the WARC bands.
This particular unit works 100%. It looks extremely nice.
I can not find a scratch on it.
Paper work is included for $100.

MFJ 900 HF Antenna Tuner:
The MFJ 900 covers 160 thru 10 meters, and is rated at 200
watts. I would not put more than 100 watt thru it, however.
It is in a nice Woodgrain / Eggshell color enclosure that is
a perfect match for some of the earlier TenTec gear, such as
the Triton I and II, Argonaut 505 and 509, and others.
This one works fine, and looks fine also. $45

I also have many other accessories available such as
microphones, wattmeters, keyers, etc. Just too many to list
here. Please e-mail your requests.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



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