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Thread: Icom IC-735 vs Icom IC-718

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to QRZ

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    IC-718 is my first HF rig. It's cheaper and easy to oparte and suit for new hand.

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    Default Icom 718

    I recently reieved the Icom 718 for christmas. It is a very nice radio and it is very cheap. It is very easy to operate and fun to use. The dsp works great and the audio is very good. All the buttons that you need are all on the front panel of the radio and they are very easy to use. It's got everything you need in my opinion to do some great dx.

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    Smile Ic-718

    Yes sir, I have heard that it is a very good rig. I am planning to buy a new one near the end of March. It will be my first HF rig. With $50.00 of coupon, the price is around $550.00.
    73, John.
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    I wrestled with a similar issue, choosing between a perfectly good but used Kenwood TS-50 and a new Icom 718. I opted for the 718 because of the $50 rebate, AND, the Icom warranty. I also modified my 718 for MARS operation and in doing so found it also works great in 60-meters. Moreover, it's a great QRP rig aas it can be turned down to 5 watts, even down to .900-milliwatts if you're into QRPp. The only complaint is that it needs a CW filter BAD! I'm planning on installing one in the next month or so.
    Tom, WY3H

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    I agree with those who say the IC-718 is a better choice. I have the 735. It's a great radio. Parts are going to be harder to come by and it has no DSP. Still with an MFJ DSP unit, it's an amazing performer. But given the choice right now, I may like the 735, but I'd choose the 718. I have the 250 filter for it. It works very good but you have to have a good hand tuning while it's on. Unless you work a very busy band in an region with a lot of stations, I'd go for the 500/400Hz CW filter. The DSP will clean up what's left. ←The QRZ Railfans group

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    I too am interested in this model when this stimulus package check comes through. Isnt there some kind of problem with the AGC or ALC control that people have been complaining about? I also understand that the receiver is also a general coverage shortwave receiver too. That is a big plus..

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    Quote Originally Posted by KD8HMO View Post
    I too am interested in this model when this stimulus package check comes through. Isnt there some kind of problem with the AGC or ALC control that people have been complaining about? I also understand that the receiver is also a general coverage shortwave receiver too. That is a big plus..
    I have had my IC-718 for two months and it suits me fine. The AGC is a bit fast on SSB & CW on strong signals. Although right now strong signals are hard to find on the HF bands If I encounter a strong signal I just back the RF gain down. That eliminates the choppy audio.

    One thing I have found with the 718. It has the Noise Reduction which can be adjusted from 0-15 in the menu setting. I find that any adjustment past 3 starts to distort the rcve audio. So I rarely set it much past 3. It does a great job of reducing local line noise when set to 15, but you just can not understand anyone's audio.

    The NB is useless IMO. Then again it is designed for ignition noise, not line noise. I have owned a Drake TR3, FT101B, TS520S, Hallicrafters SX117 rcve, Drake 2 B and an Icom 720A. The NB on any of those rigs did nothing to reduce line noise, so the IC-718 is no different.

    I currently use an old Icom SM5 desk mic on my 718. I friend heard me on the air the other day on 75 M. He called to tell me I sounded the same on the air as I do in person. So that desk mic works great with the 718. Mic gain is set at 25 in the menu. On the mic at 1/4 of the setting. I have had a long AM QSO on 75 M with this setup and was told I had very good audio. No one has ever complained about my audio on SSB. So if you can find a SM5 or SM6 for a good price buy it and use it.

    I control my rig with Ham Radio Deluxe and a G4ZLP interface. For an investment of $17 I turn the rig on and do not touch it again unless I need to use the RIT. Most of the common settings I need to adjust can be done with the software.

    I use a LDG AT-7000 auto tuner with the 718, works great.

    My Dad has an Icom 735 and that rig has served him well. But when you can buy a new 718 for under $600 and have a 2 year warranty then it makes more sense to do that. Other than the lack of FM and 6 Meters it is a pretty good rig, with enough bells and whistles to make it a decent performer.

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    Exclamation Wait a minute...

    At this point you might want to wait to see what the price on the NEW Icom IC-7200 will be:
    I believe this to be Icoms answer to Yaesu's FT-450:
    Which BTW has a $250.00 cupon..Good buy.
    If the 7200 is a replacement for the 718 watch for the closeout sale.

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    Default 718 filters

    I have the W4RT dual filter. In the 718 Yahoo moderated Group there is general agreement that the collins SSB replacement filter helps some but does not work miracles. You also would probably not want to install the dual yourself. The install charge they have is very low, however. The 500 cycle filter does however sound very sweet and no ringing. If you go with a single 500 or 300 collins filter, it is not difficult to install yourself, and both are under $120.00 each.

    I went with the dual as I do not expect to ever sell my 718. Nice and simple rig to operate. The built in keyer does not have a lot of bells and whistles, but works far better than my MFJ.

    There is a mod that will help the stock mic quite a bit from what I have read, but I use an old architect lamp for a boom with the Heil ICM. The heil will allow you to use PTT, foot switch, or Vox all at the same time without having to touch the rig.

    To answer your other question, a single CW filter does not affect the Murata.

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    much better IC 735 this radio has triple super heterodyne. very good RX. As good as Kenwood TS 930S. IC 718 was very noisy.( with optional DSP card) i have three of them. and i sold the Icom IC 718. For TX was Great....For RX o o noisyyyyyy... I tried 3 radios IC 718 at the same time .its come the same.NOISYYYY. CHEEP RADIO w / bad component.
    I have Collins KWM 2A,Kenwood TS 830M, Yaesu FT 757,FT 80C,Kenwood TS 440S,450s, Harris RF 3200,Yaesu FT 101 B,Icom M710,Icom IC 735.Icom M700,
    I love Icom M700. its Power full more than 200w ssb output. Its marine radio. For RX Kenwood TS 830M.
    DONOT BUY BAD RADIO> buy good one
    73 Agus Winarno YD1TDL
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