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Zenith ZC500 Learning Remote Controls For TV

Discussion in 'General Merchandise' started by N8RCI, May 2, 2012.

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  1. N8RCI

    N8RCI Ham Member

    I have for sale a quantity of (2) Zenith ZC500 5-device remote controls.
    Purchased more than I needed a couple months ago so I'm selling the extras.
    These are not only programmable for up to 5 devices, but are also
    learning remotes. Excellent if you want to program a device that you
    can't find a code for. Simply learn the commands from your original

    Asking $19 for both

    I also have a quantity of (3) Philips PM-435S 4-device programmable remotes

    Asking $19 for all three

    These are NOT opened or used items !

    These are BRAND NEW and still factory heat sealed in the original clamshell

    I'm also willing to consider a package deal to save on shipping.

    Buyer Ships
    Continental US.
    No trades please.
    Thanks for looking.


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  2. N8RCI

    N8RCI Ham Member

    Philips remotes SOLD

    The Philips PM-435S remotes have been SOLD.
    The Zenith Learning remotes are still available.
    Thank You
  3. N8RCI

    N8RCI Ham Member


    The Zenith remotes have been SOLD
    Thank You
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