yeasu ft-847 to behringer 802 mixer setup help

Discussion in 'Microphones, Speakers & Audio Processing' started by N2TXG, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. N2TXG

    N2TXG Ham Member QRZ Page

    hello everyone
    this is Dan N2TXG i recently got a behringer mixer and i wana properly hook it up to my ft-847. i wana run the audio of my heil pr-781 to the mixer to the radio. can annyone tell me the corect way to feed it to the back of the rig to the corect port to use and where i can get wires made for the ft-847 for this project. or anny other tings i need to get. so if annyone familar with the ft-847 and can help me with this its verry appreciated.


  2. K6LCS

    K6LCS Subscriber QRZ Page

  3. N2TXG

    N2TXG Ham Member QRZ Page

    hi Clint

    yes i did but ive seen poeple mention about the ibox attenuatior by w2ihy. so im not sure the best way to do it. some poeple say they get noise or somthin like that straight from mixer to back of some radios supositly. im realy not that savy when it comes to wiring cables up. so thats why im lookin for advice on here. thank you for the reply 73's

  4. N0WY

    N0WY XML Subscriber QRZ Page


    I just went through the same thing you are going through with my FT-857. I have a Heil PR-781, Behringer 1622USBFX Mixer, iPlus, FT-857 and a FTM-350 all working together (as well as all my computer sound input / output is through the mixer).

    Here is what you do:
    1) order the iBox (if you only have 1 radio) or iPlus (if you have multiple you want to use the mic with. You will have to tell Julius which radios you have and he will make the right cables.
    2) Order the Heil FS3 foot switch from any vendor
    3) Buy audio cables - this is where it gets rough. You really need to buy the best cables available to eliminate feedback due to the RFI we create. Mogami are the only cables to buy (the gold version). They are star quad and reject 100%rfi. I was told to buy the best and I didn't at first - and I had RFI issues...switched to Mogami and it fixed it all.
    4) you will need a mic cable to xlr connector, 1/4 balanced to xlr for the iPlus, 1/8 to 1/4 Mogami balanced cable to go from the radio out to the mixer (if it's mono - if it's stereo get a 1/8 to 1/4 pigtail and then 2 1/4 cables to the mixer).

    You should be good then...take time to play with the gain settings on the mixer and the will give your voice that extra punch.

    Look me up and email me if you have any more questions.

  5. KB4QAA

    KB4QAA XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Rather than being spoonfed, let's work toward your understanding how things work.

    -Start by getting the documentation for each device. Find the diagrams or descriptions of each input/output
    -On the left side of a page, list vertically the pins of the first device and the description. On the right side of the page list the device you are connecting it to, and list it's pins. This is called a "Pinout" diagram. Show the impedances for the audio portions on each side Do this for each of the components. Then draw connections between the two as best you can figure out.
    -Post a copy or photo and we will be glad to review and discuss, or correct your diagrams!
    -Long term you want to develop and keep copies of these things since memory fades faster than we like. It is good practice as an engineer/technician/ham to keep a notebook or binder of technical info and projects for future reference.

    73, Bill
  6. N2TXG

    N2TXG Ham Member QRZ Page

    thanks guys for the replys . Michael i saw the I box option i was concidering doing it that way. i was seeing if annyone would say if that was a good way to conect the mixer to the rig. I do hav the foot swich. i will call the ibox creater and make sure i get the corect cables for my rig. anny further details and sugestions will b apreciated from annyone 73's

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