Yaesu MTU 80/40, user comments appreciated.

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by SM7JKD, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. SM7JKD

    SM7JKD Subscriber QRZ Page

    Anyone using or used, a micro tuning unit, MTU- 80/40 from Yaesu.
    Can't find any user reviews.
    Unit seems expensive.Could be worth it, .. is it ?
    To be used for dx, ssb with an FT 950 on 80 mtrs, along with a phased array, and beverage.
    Any comments appreciated.
    David, SM7JKD/G4HUT.
  2. WZ0O

    WZ0O Ham Member QRZ Page

    Utune 80/40

    I have been using the 80/40 utune for almost a year and yes it helps. Gets rid of most of the BCB interference I get without it. It also helps with close big gun station when I am working CW. I got mine an 80/40 and a 30/20 on sale for $329. US and am using them on a FT-2000.
    Hope this helps
  3. OE3JTB

    OE3JTB Ham Member QRZ Page

    HI David
    I am living at the contryside, with nearly no BCB and other distorsions.
    I got mine from a ham, who quits amateur radio for a while.
    The attenuation is 3db, but if you have a tricky RX situation in mostly cases it helps. (esp. 80/40)
    So if you get it cheap buy it, in Austria new price is 650 Euro, I got my 80/40 and 30/20 together for 600 Euros.
    73 Alex, OE3JTB
  4. SM7JKD

    SM7JKD Subscriber QRZ Page

    MTU 80/40 µtuner.

    Hi Brad,
    Thanks for your reply, appreciate it. After posting my request for user info, I found three reviews on E-HAM too, so it all helps. Those who have them seem satisfied.
    I'm a keen dx'er on 80 mtrs (3.790-3.800mhz) Okt-Mar. Unit sounded interesting, but quite expensive, so just wanted to be sure.
    Thought if it could help pull out a weak signal, then it would be worth it.
    Not everything the manufactures say should be taken as gospel, as we know.
    So.... I've taken the plunge, and bought one.
    Thanks again, and all the best.
    David, SM7JKD/G4HUT.
  5. SM7JKD

    SM7JKD Subscriber QRZ Page

    MTU 80/40µ tuner.

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for taking the time to reply.
    Yes, you did a good deal with two for 600 Euros.
    I took the plunge this morning, and bought a new one from USA.
    Even with import taxes it's much cheaper.
    Enjoy our hobby, and thanks.
    David, SM7JKD/G4HUT.
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