Yaesu MH-57 Speaker/Microphone Question

Discussion in 'Microphones, Speakers & Audio Processing' started by KD0FRT, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. KD0FRT

    KD0FRT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I bought a VX7r radio that came with a MH-57 external speaker/microphone...

    Question is, another fellow ham bought one brand new from the candy store and his tx audio sounds FAN-TAS-TIC..... Mine, on the other hand sounds like I'm talking into a tincan with a loose string...

    After several people commented on my poor quality tx audio I utilized the audio recording feature on our repeater and sure enough, it sounds like complete rubbish.

    I'm a pretty electronic savvy guy who used to service and build cellular telephones and I had a small condenser microphone element laying around used with high end voice communications. Removed the little condenser mic from the circuit board and placed mine on. Tested it with the speaker/mic case taken apart and it sounded GREAT. Put the case together, sounds IDENTICAL to previously. Take it back apart, sounds great. Tried stuffing some foam in around the mic element to seal it off from the inside of the case, no difference.

    Now I've never seen my friends speaker/mic, or another one of these for that matter. Does an authentic Yaesu Speaker/Mic SAY YAESU on the front cover? Mine does not... I'm thinking its a cheap garbage chinese ebay knockoff, but nothing on it indicates thats what it is.. just says "SPEAKER/MICROPHONE MH-57" silkscreened on it..

  2. VE3LDJ

    VE3LDJ Ham Member QRZ Page


    Very interesting, Mine does NOT say Yaesu anywhere on the outside.
    Bizarre, and i bought it at an official yaesu dealer.
    Sounds ok, though.
    I think this calls for more research.
  3. KC0HCP

    KC0HCP Ham Member QRZ Page

    my mic says the same thing on it and it sounds fine too and i bought mine when the 7r came out
  4. KD0KKV

    KD0KKV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sounds like you got a bad one. My roomate has the same mic on his vx7 and I have basically the same one on my ft-60 (mh-34, same mic different plug) and they both sound fine. I'd return it if you can and try a new one.
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