Yaesu FT-707 HF SSB Transceiver

Discussion in 'Ham Radio Gear For Sale' started by KA5CRL, Aug 20, 2004.

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    This is a rare find from the estate of a friend.  They (his widow is also a ham) purchased this station in 1981 and it has been maintained in excellent (almost mint) condition.  Everything described is included:  FT-707 transceiver with hand microphone, FP-707 power supply, FV-707DM digital VFO, FC-707 antenna tuner, and the MR-7 rack.  In addition, the ORIGINAL FT-707 Instruction Manual and Maintenance Service Manual, FV-707DM Instruction Manual and FC-707 Instruction Manual is included.  I hooked the entire station up in my shack and everything is working just like it came out of the store.

    FT-707 Transceiver with Up/Down Scanning Hand Microphone
    o Compact Size:  Though hardly larger than a book, the FT-707 is a full-featured transceiver with performance you might expect only in a “top of the line” transceiver.  It is ideally suited for your home station or as a traveling companion.
    o All Solid State:  The solid state final amplifier includes individual low-pass filter networks, for excellent reduction of harmonics that can cause TVI.  This superb amplifier will provide 100 watts output on 80 through 10 meters, yet is very forgiving of minor SWR conditions in your antenna system (you still get 50% of the rated output at 3:1 SWR!)
    o WARC Bands Installed:  You get complete coverage of 80 through 10 meters, including the 10, 18 and 24 MHz bands.
    o LED Indicator System:  Have you ever had to squint while driving in order to read the output meter on your transceiver?  You’ll never have that problem with the FT-707; the front panel meter has been replaced by a string of red, yellow and green LEDs that provide easy-to-read indication of the relative power output, received signal strength, and the ALC voltage.  This leaves you free to concentrate on the road instead of your S-meter!
    o Variable IF Bandwidth Control:  An exciting feature of the FT-707 is the variable IF bandwidth control, which provides adjustment of the width of the IF passband continuously from 2.4 kHz down to 30 Hz (-6 dB).  Sixteen poles of crystal filtering in this system allow you to eliminate high pitched SSB “buck-shot” or unwanted CW signals with the twist of a knob.
    o Wide Receiver Dynamic Range:  The rugged front end of the FT-707 includes an exceptionally strong Schottkey diode ring module, followed by a broadband power transistor post-amp, for excellent intercept characteristics.  Individual filter networks in the front end reject out-of-band signals, and the unbelieveably clean local oscillator chain results in a very low noise floor.  This means you get the sensitivity you need for weak-signal work, along with the strong signal performance you need for battling those 40 meter broadcast signals.  Compare the FT-707 to all the others – it probably will sport the best receiver you have ever used.
    o Digital External VFO FV-707DM (Option):  The optional FV-707DM Digital VFO provides up/down scanning in 10 Hz steps (so close together that you’ll think you’re using a regular analog VFO).  Scanning control – up/down, fast/slow – may be exercised from the optional scanning microphone, perfect for operation while mobile.
    o Convenience Features:  You have VOX and semi-break-in CW, with gain and delay controls on the front panel.  A 25 kHz crystal calibrator, selectable AGC, advanced noise blanker, and carefully engineered front panel layout provide you with fumble-free, predictable operation.
    o Digital Plus Analog Frequency Display:  The FT-707 includes digital plus analog frequency readout, for an accurate frequency display.  The bright LED digital display is coupled to a true frequency counter, which means you never have to recalibrate when changing modes.
    o GENERAL:  Frequency coverage:  80m 3.5-4.0 MHz, 40m 7.0-7.5 MHz, 30m 10.0-10.5 MHz, 20m 14.0-14.5 MHz, 17m 18.0-18.5 MHz, 15m 21.0-21.5 MHz, 12m 24.5-25.0 MHz, 10m 28.0-29.9 MHz.  Modes of operation:  LSB, USB, CW, AM.  Power requirements:  13.5 volts DC.  Current consumption:  DC 1.5 amps receive, DC 20 amps transmit.  Case size:  93(H) x 240(W) x 295(D) mm incl. heat sink.  Weight: Approx 6.5 kg.
    o TRANSMITTER:  Power input:  SSB/CW 240 watts DC, AM 80 watts DC.  Carrier suppression:  Better than 40 dB.  Unwanted sideband suppression:  Better than 50 dB at 14 MHz, 1kHz mod.  Spurious emissions:  At least 50 dB down.  Frequency response:  350-2700 Hz (-6 dB).  Third order distortion products:  At least 31 dB down.  Frequency stability:  Less than 300 Hz drift over 30 minutes after 10 minute warmup.  Modulation type:  SSB – Balanced modulator, AM – Amplitude modulation of a low power stage.  Antenna output impedance:  50 ohms.  Microphone impedance:  500-600 ohms (low impedance)
    o RECEIVER:  Sensitivity:  SSB/CW 0.25 uV for 10 dB S/N, AM 1.0 uV for 10 dB S/N.  Selectivity:  SSB 2.4 kHz (-6 dB), 4.0 kHz (-60 dB), AM 3.6 kHz (-6 dB), 6.8 kHz (-60 dB).  Image rejection:  60 dB (80-12m).  Audio output impedance:  4-16 ohms.  Audio output:  3 watts @ 4 ohms @ 10% THD.  Variable bandwidth control:  Continuous from 300 Hz to 2.4 kHz (SSB/CW modes only)
    Rack Mount Your Station:  The FT-707 line can be an attractive addition to your shack, den, or workshop.  Use the MR-7 Rack to assemble your FT-707 series equipment in a functional, convenient manner.  Your ham station need never be an eyesore again!

    FV-707DM Digital VFO:  Twelve memories, up/down scanning in 10 Hz steps, and receiver offset tuning provide unparalleled operating convenience for you.  You can store frequencies tuned on either the transceiver or the FV-707DM, then just press a button for instant return to the memorized frequency.  Less than an inch high, the FV-707DM is designed for mounting directly beneath the FT-707 transceiver, yielding a digitally tuned transceiver package not much larger than a book!

    FP-707 Power Supply:  The FP-707 provides the 13.5 volt DC power required by your FT-707 transceiver.  Excellent regulation – a quality not often found in power supplies this compact – means you never have to worry about stability when you go key down.

    FC-707 Antenna Coupler:  The FC-707 antenna coupler lets you present a 50 ohm load to your FT-707 transceiver all across the band, thus assuring you of maximum power output.  Low-loss components are used throughout this ultra-compact antenna coupler, for high efficiency.  If your antenna system is not up to snuff all across the band, let the FC-707 handle it.

    I’m asking $500.00 for this station plus UPS Ground shipping and insurance from 76354.  If the station is to be shipped outside the continental United States, it will be sent Airmail Parcel Post.  Most of the original boxes are available for this equipment!  Everything will be very well packed and double boxed.

    Serious offers only:  ka5crl@texwire.com

    Picture of the FT-707 Line
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