Yaesu FT-60R power options?

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by KD0VHN, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. KD0VHN

    KD0VHN Ham Member QRZ Page

    Now that I've passed the tech exam, I've been considering buying a Yaesu FT-60R HT for my first transceiver. But I have some questions on it before I make a commitment. Namely my biggest question: The little radio comes with one of those wall wart trickle chargers which can't be used to operate the device, only slow charge the battery, according to the manual. Is it possible to provide external power to the radio instead of using the batteries all the time? That would certainly be a benefit in the car or at home with AC-DC power to keep from using battery charge cycles and extending transmit or monitoring time.

    Also, are there aftermarket quick chargers that one doesn't have to pay half the cost of the radio itself to purchase... :( The 'official' quick charger is right at $80!!

    My other question relates to the external mic/speaker port. Will it work with standard 3 connector single jack head sets like standard headphones + inline mic 3.5mm jack, or does it require a special Yaesu speaker/mic? Would be nice if i could manage to use my set of Monster 'cans'/mic with it instead of buying another set for the FT-60R.

    callsign pending :D
  2. KD0KQL

    KD0KQL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Jim here. My FT-60R is VERY well worn. Can't read the buttons anymore it's so well used. It's a great radio to start with. One option you may want to get is the AA battery back for the FT-60. Uses 6 AA's and is great for being out and about. I use mine for ARES all the time when I don't want to run out of juice in my rechargable pack. Just load it up and when it gets low, re-fill with fresh batteries. Lasts longer than a charge on the NIMH pack. You can get the cig lighter adapter for mobile use (only with the NIMH pack). You can use the radio and it charges the battery at the same time.
    The Yaesu plug in mic is a pretty good thing to get too. A little pricey, but well worth it. You can plug in your headsets to the mic base. Not the most graceful setup, especially with the power cord plugged in at the same time, but it works well. Should see mine in my company delivery van. I use a mag mount antenna, plus the charger/power cord, plus the mic/headset cord. Hard to pick up, but really gets out!
    Best thing to get is the Diamond extended length whip antenna. Really extends your range. Go to the HRO (Ham Radio Outlet) website and shop there. There are other places to shop, but I like HRO.
    Good luck and welcome to the great hobby!

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