Wonder if this is a scam? Ft-2980

Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by KC3HUM, May 25, 2019.

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  1. KC3HUM

    KC3HUM Ham Member QRZ Page

  2. K8MH

    K8MH Ham Member QRZ Page

    the owners address is about 60 miles from my house.......... seems odd a rug company would be selling ham radios........... seems odder if you search on their website for YAESU, it finds no matches, yet they are offering YAESU ft-2980 radios
  3. WR2E

    WR2E Ham Member QRZ Page

    Looks like one of those cookie cutter websites.

    I wouldn't risk it myself.
  4. K8MH

    K8MH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have emailed the contact person/owner with some questions, will post any info of interest if she responds
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  5. K2CD

    K2CD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Their site gets a 1% trust rating. What could possibly go wrong?
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  6. KJ4VTH

    KJ4VTH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Oh, they also sell bath mats & rugs!
  7. KC3HUM

    KC3HUM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ya i emailed her too lol. Not really expecting a response
  8. ON8CB

    ON8CB Ham Member QRZ Page

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    Source: https://wisdomganga.com/what-is-zodbuy-is-zodbuy-scam-or-is-zodbuy-legit-zodbuy-review/

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  9. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    That site is advertised on TV here.
  10. AJ4GQ

    AJ4GQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    There goes the remaining 1% of its credibility.
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