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WN9VMR Scammer

Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by K1NRO, Jul 19, 2016.

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  1. KC1ESB

    KC1ESB Ham Member QRZ Page

    I donated a bit of gear (not much) for Jaco Delport S Africa ...newer Dosy swr bunch of connectors, jumper rg8 ,maps etc not a ton of money but the kicker was that Kevin told me he was shipping this stuff Saturday. it was wends pm. So I overnighted this stuff to him as well to make the shipping deadline. He has a cohort in this too, and his name if John Loveridge (patch) from Rochester NH . Loveridge stuck me for a like new ham IV rotor and control that he owes me for. I heard that possibly Loveridge might have sold the rotor and control box to Kevin J LoBianco WN9VMR. heresay at this point, but NOT unlikely given the situations of late. JPL as of now owes me just under 600. $..... he just screws people and blocks them also. Will I get my lousy Dosy meter and stuff back? I doubt it. Add these two names to the list with Billy Bowling in Kentucky, John Patch Loveridge, 110 Dry hill rd ,Rochester NH, and a host of others now To JACO DELPORT.....Im sorry that this all happened , but all these folks on here ,plus many more got screwed trying to do the right thing. 73 As my brothers red and white say trust no one.
  2. KC9ZUB

    KC9ZUB Ham Member QRZ Page

    ok folks I have an update on this situation.. I have had a fella from the west coast send me money this morning...
    he was nice enough to cover the $125 from stuff kevin oued me and than chip in $175 dollars.. so as of right now I have $175 dollas for the kid in my paypal... I myself am sending 2 microphones.. 1 astatic d104 and 1 turner desk mic.. i am also gonna scan ebay for something as well for the kid...
    i am shipping on the 1st week of sept. i know that is a long time but I want to give everybody time to gather what they can for the kid and ship it. shipping there is high from the lower 48 so some folks may have to wait for pay day etc to do this. i would like all of us to all ship in a close order of the 1st week of sept. if you are shipping anything to him in south africa please do not ship many items per box.. from what I hear it is best to ship 1 item per box.. they have high duty fees etc... i will have pictures or shipping receipts to show how much it was to ship.. i have a yaesu 101e I can dontate to the kid.. i am not much of a person who can fix stuff but if somebody out here is a real good tech I can ship u that radio and u fix it and we can figure out how to ship it to him... i am not sure what is wrong with it... but that is an option we have now to get him a radio.... i am free after 6 pm central time and u can give me a call.. mon,tues,wed,thurs, fri and sunday are my days off and u can call me at 618 923 4259.. thank you kc9zub...
  3. KF0G

    KF0G Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well. Is someone going to kick in a few $$ to help kc9zub help out a young ham starting out ? Or did the economy just crash, again ? It might make you feel like a righteous HAM RADIO OPERATOR. Thank you. 73
  4. K1NRO

    K1NRO Ham Member QRZ Page


    Update. Jaco did get most of his donated stuff after the police came and talked with WN9VMR.

    There is a few missing items that didn't seem to make it, but the main thing the kid got everything he needs to get on the air.

    He has since moved from Illinois to Nevada I am told, but seems has not updated his address in the ULS.

    I hope this was a life lesson for WN9VMR.
  5. KC1ESB

    KC1ESB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Jaco ...there were world maps I sent 2 swr/power meters.coax connectors coax jumpers. One was a DOSY meter working perfectly
  6. W1WKW

    W1WKW XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    lol i found this old thread by simply searching a well known scammer John Loveridge, he is scum, beware!!

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