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Wine and Echolink

Discussion in 'Echolink/IRLP Tech Board' started by GM4UPX, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. GM4UPX

    GM4UPX Premium Subscriber


    I have Echolink running under Wine although I am unable to get enough "volume" in and out from my soundcard.

    Has anyone had the same experience and can point me in the right direction to solve my problem ??

    I am running Mint 64bit/KDE/Wine. I tried with a USB headset before I discovered there is an issue with USB drivers in Wine.

    All help appreciated.

    Cheers Ian..
  2. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member

    WINE sux! You can try running it from VM.
  3. GM4UPX

    GM4UPX Premium Subscriber

    Hello Steve,

    Thanks for your opinion.

    If I try to run in VM I need a copy of Windows which I do not have.

    Thinking about it, perhaps I should move between the available sound drivers.

    Cheers Ian..

    ps. I like the little guy at the bottom of your post !!
  4. KJ6LXX

    KJ6LXX Ham Member

    If Wine doesn't work, do what I do. Use Wiskey.

  5. GM4UPX

    GM4UPX Premium Subscriber

    Hello Dan,

    Good idea, as long as it's a 25 year old single malt..

    Cheers Ian..
  6. GM4UPX

    GM4UPX Premium Subscriber

    Working !!!!

    Using a speaker into my soundcard and my Logitech 555 headset I can now hear and be heard via Echolink.

    In Phonon in multimedia setup I set " communication " via Logitech555 headset, Echolink ignores this on rx, presumably because of the USB connection but it does accept the audio from the headset.

    Happy Days !!!

    Cheers Ian..
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