Why don't people wear seatbelts?

Discussion in 'ex-Rag Chew Central' started by AB2T, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. AB2T

    AB2T Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm surprised this isn't in the search. If this has been discussed before, just link to the old thread. Thanks.

    Recently a blogger whose blog I like to read had a severe spinal cord injury after diving into shallow water. This tragedy has got me thinking about an even more commonplace tragedy: severe auto accidents. Why do persons not like to wear their seatbelts?

    Now, I do not intend to start an argument on the legality of seatbelt wear. I realize that some people consider mandatory seatbelt laws and the fact that not wearing a seatbelt is a primary traffic offense in some states to be an infringement on their civil liberties. I don't care either way, really. I don't even put the key in the ignition without ensuring that every passenger is properly buckled, so there's zero chance I will be pulled over by a cop just because I or another of my passengers is unbelted. As I tell my riders, "we'll sit in the driveway/parking lot all day until I hear the clicks and see the belts fastened." I know that I pay more in insurance because people drive without wearing belts, but I realize that sharing risk also means sharing in another person's decisions regardless of whether I think those decisions are prudent or not. I must insure a car to drive it, so there's no use complaining.

    So, libertarian convictions aside, what are some other reasons why people do not wear seatbelts?

    73, Jordan
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  2. W5WN

    W5WN Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I've seen a few that were too big to get the seat belt comfortably around them.
  3. KC8VWM

    KC8VWM Subscriber QRZ Page

    Because they never knew anyone first hand, who was permanently injured as a result of not wearing a seat belt during an auto accident.

    Trust me, if you worked for 10 years in an ER and seen for yourself what devastation to peoples lives caused as the final result, you would only be happy to buckle up each and every single time.

    Some people rationalize often while laying on their back strapped to a backboard, with a cervical collar around their neck saying things like, "Well I was only driving down the block to the store." etc..

    Perhaps if these people knew that at least 52% of all auto accidents statistically occur less than 1 mile from their own homes, they might think twice about rationalizing with themselves about not wearing a seat belt for such a "short trip." Then again, many of them end up with spinal injuries or incapacitated in wheelchairs for the remainder of their lives, and therefore they never have to worry about driving any of these short trips again anyways.
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  4. AB2T

    AB2T Ham Member QRZ Page

    Belt extensions exist, but they don't look comfortable. The additional buckle presses into the person. Also, it's hard to remove the extension for a smaller person.

    73, Jordan
  5. WF7A

    WF7A Subscriber QRZ Page

    I remember commercials back in the early 1960s when the government was really trying to persuade people to wear seatbelts; actors portrayed drivers with excuses why they didn't want to wear one:

    "It would wrinkle my dress."
    "It feels uncomfortable."
    "I drive conservatively; I'm not a race car driver."

    Time won out, though--now most people feel uncomfortable when they don't have one on.
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  6. KA7RRA

    KA7RRA Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    ik wear a seat belt and so do my passengers if they don't ware one, they walk, and I don't care who you are
  7. K6CPO

    K6CPO Ham Member QRZ Page

    Simple answer? They're stupid...

    I put mine on even if I'm going to back the truck out of the driveway so my wife can get her car out.

    When I was raising my ex-wife's three daughters, one had a boyfriend who bought a motorcycle. This was before California had a helmet law, but it was my rule that she had to be properly dressed for the bike, including a helmet, long pants, and closed toed shoes.
  8. KA5ROW

    KA5ROW Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I don’t where the Dammed things. I might if it were only a lap belt. I gotten a few seat belt tickets

    And I always tell the cop ( I don’t were seat belts, but I wouldn't drive my tractor 10 ft without one.)

    A tractor can roll over if you hit a hole or stump. And my tractor has roll bars.

    To be fair if it is raining so hard you cant see or there is snow & ice on the roads I sometimes will.

    Now about work we started out boss would say where your seat belts while you are on forklifts. That didn’t work so good then they made the lifts not start unless they were not buckled. Then everyone buckled the belts behind them, that worked. Sense then they have replace the belts with bright orange ones from black, now they can see if you have it on.

    The max fine in Oklahoma is $20 state and or local no limit on offenses

  9. KV6O

    KV6O Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    This is a self correcting problem.

  10. WB7OXP

    WB7OXP Ham Member QRZ Page

    this is certainly one of the worlds great mysteries.

    even those that play the ultimate redneck sport (NAPCAR) ALWAYS wear lots and lots of safety gear.

    even tractor pullers and mud boggers wear safety gear..

    you have paid so much money for all that metal around you, why would you want to be on the OUTSIDE of the safety cage when you really need it?

    i used to work as a medic in oregon, when they had no helmet law, we would find out "with" or "without" helmet about 1/2 a mile into the run. one way we got baggies and scraping gear out, the other way we actual prepared for a medical emergency. i will let you guess which was which

    and for every 1 "i know this guy, who knows a guy, who heard from a friend that he woulda been dead if he had his seat belt on" there are hundreds or thousands that woulda been alive if they had just stayed in the cage
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