Why do people call CQ this way: CQ Ten Ten, CQ Ten Ten, this is XYZ calling ....

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  1. AE7F

    AE7F Ham Member

    I'm just curious. I don't hear it often but occasionally. Maybe I don't spend enough time on phone I guess.
  2. AA0CW

    AA0CW Ham Member

    Ten Ten International. They want 10-10 numbers.
  3. KB4QAA

    KB4QAA XML Subscriber

    Of course because they are looking for 10-10 contacts. It's a new thing. They've only been doing it for 60 years.
  4. WA6MHZ

    WA6MHZ Premium Subscriber

    CQ CQ CQ, Hello CQ. CQ CQ CQ. Calling CQ. CQ CQ. CQ 20 CQ 20 CQ 20. CQ CQ CQ. Whiskey Alpha Six MIGHTY HORNY ZEBRA calling CQ and carefully TUNING for a call. KAY someone Please!
  5. N4BBQ

    N4BBQ Ham Member

    Nor CW on 10m evidently. I hear them often into four-land.
  6. KD8DEY

    KD8DEY Subscriber

    Mighty Horny Zebra? LOL

    Sure beats Dumb Egotistical Yankee
  7. AE7F

    AE7F Ham Member

  8. AE7F

    AE7F Ham Member

    The majority of my recent contacts are 10m CW. Haven't heard 10-10 callers on 10m CW yet, though. I frequently hear a KC4 station calling 10-10 on SSB though.
  9. WM3O

    WM3O Ham Member

    damn kids and their new fangled trends.

    this is how you call CQ

  10. N1NQC

    N1NQC Ham Member

    10 M was KILLER today !
    de November One Not Quite Coherent
  11. G0GQK

    G0GQK Ham Member

    Nah ! You've all given the wrong reason. Its now a habit picked up from others but as an old SWL it goes back to the days when radio amateurs made their own equipment, didn't have the gear to properly check their equipment and often they were unaware of which band they were operating.
    So for those who were unsure they told a possible contact which band they were using, so they called CQ ten, CQ ten metres, CQ ten metres G....

    There's no need to tell people these days, they know, its just a habit.
  12. WM3O

    WM3O Ham Member

    no, ten ten is someone looking ofr 10-10 numbers. CQ 10 CQ 10 is not CQ ten ten.

    just sayin.
  13. N4BBQ

    N4BBQ Ham Member

    That'd be KC4TVZ I bet. He is on CW some times too.

    There's quiet a few 1010'rs on charlie whiskey from time to time and especially during their coRntests.
  14. N8XE

    N8XE Premium Subscriber

    LOL!!! That was danged funny right thar!

    QRZ? 59.. Roger.. who is the roger? Thank you QRZ? QSL... No more numbers for roger.

    Paul cracks me up!

    Jason N8XE
  15. AE7F

    AE7F Ham Member

    Correct. It is TVZ.
  16. WM3O

    WM3O Ham Member

    you can learn a lot from a dummy ;)
  17. N8XE

    N8XE Premium Subscriber

    I have learned alot from a lid too!! Like how loud my signal is... :D
  18. WG8Z

    WG8Z Ham Member

    "Whiskey Alpha Six MIGHTY HORNY ZEBRA"
    Pat Maybe I can help ya out
    "We Got 8 Zebras"
  19. WM3O

    WM3O Ham Member

    i'm pretty sure you're 5 and 9.
  20. KF6ABU

    KF6ABU Ham Member

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