Who is Adam Farber?

Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by KW7DSP, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. W0BKR

    W0BKR Guest

    Who is?..........

    Adam is a straight shooter. He doesn't screw people on deals but he has gotten screwed a number of times simply because he buys and sells gear as many others on here do. I have yet to have anyone tell me he has cheated or attempted to cheat anyone.

    I would deal with him again anytime. Period. Nuff said?
  2. NA4BH

    NA4BH Ham Member QRZ Page

    The question that has not been answered is, "Did the originator of this thread offer an apology to Adam"? My bet is he did not Man UP and do the right thing. A private apology would be nice, but, a Public apology would be perfect. Adam's feedback here equals the other place. 100%.

    Message to Adam: "WOOF, WOOF". I think you know what I mean, DAWG. :D :D
  3. W4AJF

    W4AJF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Who is Adam Farber

    Thanks again to all who posted some really nice posts in support. No response from KW7DSP Steve Pickering but if he does I will of course post that he has.

    Thanks again,

    Adam Farber W4AJF
    Cooper City, FL
  4. KW7RF

    KW7RF Ham Member QRZ Page


    Maybe we should reverse the roles. Who's Steve Pickering KW7DSP?

    I'll start.
    After reading some of his threads, he's a public nuisance always posting negative comments about the nice people of QRZ, without having all the facts..........
    I think he should start using DSP to attenuate his comments.

    Pic of Steve below ( just because a picture is worth a thousand words )

    I'll bet KW7DSP will post a final negative comment and his GED graduation pic.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2008
  5. KW7DSP

    KW7DSP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Interesting! I ask a simple question and get 4 pages of answers; none of which answered the original question. Aside from a few nut cases most were very supportive of Adam as an individual, but no one answered whether he is a super collector. I only mentioned his being a tech as the majority of the equipment he gets scammed on seems to be HF (although as a Plus he is allowed to use HF), but several of you tried to turn it into something negative. There is nothing wrong with being a Tech. I just found it a bit unusual for an ex CBer to have so much trouble with so many HF radio sellers.
    Part two of my question asked if he was a commercial vender misusing the QRZ Board. No one bothered to answer if he is a commercial vender. In fact several posters skirted the issue. Even if he doesn’t buy or sell here, he makes use of the board to attempt to collect debts. If he is a commercial vender his actions are on the edge of the rules. I myself don’t know that he is a commercial dealer so I asked if anyone knew. No one seems to know or they choose to ignore the question, so it remains unanswered. (He sent me a PM, but didn’t answer any of the questions either)

    And lastly I asked if he was perhaps a semi-commercial vender. There are lots of them here buying and selling like a constant garage sale to supplement their hobbies or social security. Nothing wrong with that. I just wanted to know.

    Apologize for what? Because I used the feedback forum to ask about a frequent poster? Some of you took a simple question, turned it into something it was not, got defensive and still have not answered any part of what I asked. In fact I will quote myself “Anybody who knows (not just we had a good trade or deal)?” and I got a dozen “We had a good deal” answers. Cool, glad you had a pleasant experience. I have no issues with Mr. Farber. I just want to know who it is who comes to this forum so frequently with buyer seller issues.

    Now I find out he is the “Salt of the Earth” who gets screwed on a regular basis. Sorry to hear that, but Adam I am pleased to know you have so many defenders. I am not sure why you would need them, but it must be nice to know you have them. I still don’t know if he is a super collector, a commercial vender misusing the QRZ Board, or a semi-commercial vender, as no one seems to want to answer the question, simple as it was.

    Finally NR7J I don’t know what your problem is, and frankly Scarlet I don’t give a … Well you get the picture.

    and as to who I am, a trip to my QRZ Bio or my personal Web Page will tell you practicly everything but my social security number.


    The poster who inclded the picture I thank you, but I prefer this one.
  6. KW7DSP

    KW7DSP Ham Member QRZ Page

    I just opened a private message with the answer (Which I have no reason to believe is incorrect). Adam Farber AKA Hamguy123 is in fact a commercial vendor, and the administration of this board do not have a problem with him doing his E-Bay business here, so neither do I.

    It is a shame all of his E-Bay customers had to pile on here and turn a simple query into a bashing. Personally I think they made Adam look like a fool with all their flowery praise, but I guess their hearts were in the right place.

    I don’t understand why this board tolerates commercial venders (Especially E-Bay Vendors), but it is their board and this subject is closed.
  7. W4AJF

    W4AJF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Who is Adam Farber

    Steve, I am not an EX-CB'er so not sure why you took a shot at me that way? Also, most people posting are not "EBAY Customers", they are other ham operators that I buy, sell or trade with. Also, I do not know what you mean about me doing my EBAY business here on QRZ, that does not make any sense? Again, not sure why you keep taking shots at me, I do not know you, have never dealt with you and have done nothing to you that I can see that would prompt you to post these things about me.

    Enough said I think, I don't want this post to go on forever, I think what has been said is clear for all readers to see what they need to see.

    Thanks again to all the good ham people who care.

    Adam Farber W4AJF
    Cooper City, FL
  8. W0BKR

    W0BKR Guest

    Don't get it...

    I suppose I must have missed something in the initial posting...why?

    Yes, Adam wheels and deals and so do a host of others out there, K5MDM, WQ5J, etc. Some sell on Ebay and some sell on ham swap sites. I am glad they do. Not everything Adam sells has been procured off Ebay. I am glad for that.

    Don't care where he sells or why. Gone are the days when dealers offered reasonable trade in values, or outright buy values. Everyone goes to EBay and swap boards. I am certain judging by some of the negative posts on QRZ that there ARE lots of "lacking character" buyers out there and Adam has had his share of them, along with many of us as well, not on the same scale to be sure.

    Not sure what your interest is in Adam, that would be interesting to understand.

    Personally, I find Adam to be a very integrity minded individual, something a few out there would benefit from.

  9. NA4BH

    NA4BH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Clueless....... "I'm not at fault, it is everyone else. Just check my posts you will see I support everyone". :rolleyes:
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