Who is Adam Farber?

Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by KW7DSP, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. K8SU

    K8SU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just wanted to say that I have bought and sold to Adam. He is a very honest ham that has been a pleasure to trade with. I would recommend him to anyone. When he says he shipped something it is shipped. When he buys something he sends the funds as stated. I have only very positive things to say about Adam.



  2. WB7AC

    WB7AC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Over the last few years, I have had the privilege of doing several transactions with Adam Farber as both a buyer and as a seller. All of them have been excellent in every way. Adam always pays fast, ships fast, packs well and keeps in contact until the end. He never overstates the condition of the equipment and I have always been completely satisfied. Buying or Selling with Adam takes the worry out of a transaction and that says something.
    73's, John - WB7ACV
    Reno, NV
  3. VE7DCW

    VE7DCW Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wow!! Several people have have now posted in enthusiastic support for Mr. Farber! I find that this speaks volumes. DSP,from the testimonials i've now seen posted here I believe I would have absolutely no problems in any dealings with him.At this point if I were KW7DSP..the term "damage control" should be impacting on me at the moment :eek:

  4. W4AJF

    W4AJF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Who is Adam Farber W4AJF

    Wow, I want to thank all the good ham people out there for some very kind and caring posts. I really appreciate the responses!

    Adam Farber W4AJF
    Cooper City, FL
  5. KB3LAZ

    KB3LAZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have contacted Adam about a few things he has had for sale, unfortunately I was to slow and they had already sold. However he has always pointed me in the right direction. If he does not have something he knows someone who does, and if he trusts them I trust them. Adam is a very polite, and honest ham, as well as a great person. I would buy off of Adam with confidence no matter what hes selling or what it cost.

    My question to the original poster is, if you have never dealt with Adam why do you have a problem with him? Why try to drag a persons name and reputation through the mud if you dont even know them?
    Show some class and grow up!
  6. KW7RF

    KW7RF Ham Member QRZ Page

    KW7DSP = Public Nuisance

    KW7DSP = Public Nuisance

    Definition of Nuisance = one that is annoying, unpleasant, or obnoxious.

    Get a life, get lost, jump in a lake, go see DR. Phil, do something and stop bothering the nice people of QRZ. :mad:
  7. N1IX

    N1IX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Who is Adam Farber

    Part of the hobby for me is using different equipment that I missed out on during my years of radio inactivity. Thus, I have had many dealings with Adam both as a buyer and seller. Dealing with Adam, I never have to worry at all. Any equipment that he trades is as advertised. I wish that everyone was as easy to deal with.
  8. N4ATS

    N4ATS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I think you all need to pull the "Adam Farber" out of this. Adam is one of the most honest Amateur Radio Operators on the planet. I have bought and sold MANY items to Adam over the years. He has always been true to his word however in the world there are always going to be people who just flat out can't be nice and will slam another person for no reason. End this thread.
  9. K5JN

    K5JN Ham Member QRZ Page


    I can't believe Adam Farber W4AJF is being attacked in this forum.
    He does pursue those folks that ship equipment that is not as advertised or not at all but is always a lot nicer in his posts than I would be.
    He does not personally attack anyone...just states the facts.
    Adam and I have had many deals and we don't wait for checks to arrive.
    He's a man of his word and I hope to have many more trades with him.
    73's all
    Ralph K5JN
  10. WT4T

    WT4T Ham Member QRZ Page

    Adam Farber

    I have read a lot of on going writings about Adam. I have delt with him MANY times over the years and never once have ever had any kind of problem with these dealings. I also buy and sell a lot over the internet,hope that does not make me a bad ham..hi hi. The point being Adam is one of the few people in the world ,I would take a personal check from and ship the gear before it arrived. In my eyes Adam is truly a stand up guy and honest....enought said.
    dale WT4T
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