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Who is Adam Farber?

Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by KW7DSP, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. KW7DSP

    KW7DSP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just who is Adam Farber? As a technician (Plus or otherwise) he purchases a lot of HF gear. Since 2003 he has 204 posts under this callsign (W4AJF), and half of them are somebody owing him money, equipment, manuals, or parts. Some of them are fairly high dollar. Is this a super collector, a commercial vender misusing the QRZ Board, or a semi-commercial vender (constant garage sale or buy and sell as an income or partial income). Anybody who knows (not just we had a good trade or deal)? His old call was KG4ZCL.
  2. W4GLM

    W4GLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Adam Farber

    OK ??


    Since the moderator's or the board owner finds no fault,

    what's your point ??
  3. W4AJF

    W4AJF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Who is Adam Farber W4AJF

    Hi Steve KW7DSP, you ask who Adam Farber, the answer is "I am". I am probably a regular guy like you who just happens to buy a lot of equipment. You say I am misusing the QRZ boards but this is not so as I do not EVER post anything to buy or sell on QRZ, I follow their rules and the poeple at QRZ will for sure agree....I don't think I have ever dealt with you so not sure why you posted some not too nice things about me. It is true I have had my share of problems but it's not as many as it seems as I update my posts so it does seem like more. I am sure I have MANY more excellent posts about me on QTH as I do a lot of business and MANY people know me and will stand up for me. If I buy equipment I send a payment immediately. I NEVER change my mind or make up some sort of story as to why my payment did not get to where it's going as it always get's to where it's going. Anyway, I consider myself to be a stand up guy and hope that many others do as well. Please tell me what you think I have done wrong on QRZ and what I have done to offend you, I would apprecaite it. If you would call me on the phone that would be great. I am a nice guy and won't give you a hard time, I promise, would just like to discuss this post if you could.


    Adam Farber W4AJF
    Cooper City, FL
    home: 954-431-7182
    cell: 954-494-3432
  4. AD4C

    AD4C Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    About Adam farber

    What's your point MR Pickering,why are you attacking Adam farber,who cares about his technician ham licence,do you think you are better than him having a general class licence? The fact that he has not upgraded yet is his right and you have no right to talk about it.I have known him for several years and probably he is one of the few man of his word left on these trade/sell sites.We have done dozen of deals,sell,buys,trades,etc and he is been always honest and decent with me and like me there are hundred all over the country who stand by him.I wish all the hams who deal on, and even on ebay have the decency of Mr Farber.You have no right to critize him whatsoever.I think you should care more about your life and leave him alone.Besides as its been said,the board has nothing against his posting,so its not your business.PERIOD !!

    Lake Worth.FL
  5. K9DTC

    K9DTC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Adam Farber

    I have had many many dealing with Adam without any problems. He minds his own business and that should be a example to others!!!! I never heard him say a bad word about anyone and that also should be a example to others.
  6. N8ERM

    N8ERM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Who is he???

    I will tell you who he is. He is an honest person that buys and sells gear all of the time. I believe you are talking about feedback on another site. That's what the forum is for. If you are honest he is great to deal with, if not then he does what he can to recover his money. I guess I am wondering why someone would bring his complaint to another site? Who knows. The bottom line is trade, buy and sell truthfully responsibly and you will never have a problem. It makes no difference what class ticket you have. Some people have "class" and some don't.
    73 and happy 4th,
    Terry N8ERM
  7. NA4BH

    NA4BH Ham Member QRZ Page

    By your own account, you show he is a stand-up kind of guy. Looks to me like people owe him and not the other way around. Maybe you should complain about those people and not Adam. I have never met the guy, and probably will never have the pleasure to do so. But I would buy from him if I needed what he was selling. Anyone that would post phone numbers and ask for a conversation (in a public forum) must be pretty confident of his actions. What should it matter what class of license he holds, he has a license. But as a positive note, thanks for his callsign, I will look for his items for sale. It is hard to find a seller like this.

    Oh, I suggest you call him. Be sure you have your hat in your hand. ;)
  8. KW7RF

    KW7RF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Pain in the Alpha Hotel

    Last edited: Jul 4, 2008
  9. N8LPQ

    N8LPQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Who is Adam Farber???

    Who is Adam Farber? “One of the nicest, honest and by far decent men you will ever have the opportunity to know.” What a shame to see anyone say anything negative about this man. No need to sit here waist time and write about a man like Adam Farber.

    Ed N8LPQ

    Note to Adam: You have many people that know the real you. Your feedback is impeccable. Sorry to say the man that started this needs to apologize. It is hard to try and tare down a man of your stature.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2008
  10. K3VR

    K3VR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Adam is a nice guy, a good seller, and he has great feedback. He's a very reasonable person. The tone of your inquisition makes you sound like a nutcase Mr. Pickering.

    I daresay Adam has a far better reputation than you do. Far better. Do you have a specific problem with Adam? I ask because it appears you have some sort of hidden agenda here and your 'questions' border on the accusatory, to say the least.
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