Which kinds of VHF and UHF digital modes are you using nowadays?

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by KC0BUS, Jun 24, 2017.

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  1. KC0BUS

    KC0BUS Ham Member QRZ Page

    I was wondering if any of you are using any of the newer digital modes on VHF and UHF repeaters (primarily 2 meters and 440MHz FM), and if so, what kind of modes are you using now days, how are you're using them, and what kinds experiences you're having?
    Thank you
  2. K5BBC

    K5BBC Ham Member QRZ Page

    DSTAR and DMR, so far.

    I got into DSTAR about 9 years ago. (Not sure I'd call it "newer") Still use it and like it, so just upgraded from IC-2820s to ID-5100As.
    I've been using DMR for a bit over 3 years, and like it. Using Motorola XPR-5550 and 7550 equipment.

    I use/have used them both in event support and ARES activities. They are generally a second channel, back channel, specific function channel, or management channel of some sort, with the primary comms being on analog.

    I also use both on road trips and local ragchew.

    My experiences on both have been generally positive. I say generally, because lately I've seen DMR decline in user skills with the inexpensive and cheap radios flooding the mode. Too many operators buy the cheapest thing out there, beg for a codeplug to "just get on the air", rather than learn the mode and their equipment, then come on with bad audio levels and techniques, with little desire to solicit or heed suggestions for improving their ways. Digital is not forgiving of poor mic technique, loud orators, mic slober and breathing, or incorrect settings.
    (Rant over)

    I've heard Yaesu Fusion, (C4FM) but don't own any equipment. My opinion is, it was late to the game and won't be a major player. Lot's of clubs have taken advantage of the cheap ($500) repeater offer to replace their legacy equipment, but most seem to be leaving it in analog mode. I say that from programming them into my radios, and listening on cross country trips.

    I've also used P25 and EDACS in PS communications. I find the DMR matches or betters the P25. EDACS is going away. No loss there.
  3. KE8EZZ

    KE8EZZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I don't own any digital equipment yet. I just wish there was more digital activity in my area. We have a couple of DMR and YSF repeaters in my area and there's nothing at all going on when I tune into them.
  4. In my Area also TETRA Repeater get used.
  5. KD4UPL

    KD4UPL Ham Member QRZ Page

    I had my first digital audio contact last night on Yaesu Fusion. I had purchased an FT1XD mainly for the dual receive and built in APRS and GPS. It happened to also have digital so I gave it a try. The nearest repeater is probably about 40 miles away. With an amp and a beam I could get into it on analog FM. I had a noise receive and was noisy into the machine. After making contact the other station and I changed to digital. The difference was amazing. There was no hiss at all. A marginal audio signal turned into perfectly clear audio.

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